• Water filled his lungs and he choked. His legs kicked wildly in every direction, not knowing where up was. Words flashed through his mind. Drowning. Water. Burning. Struggle. He was blind and deaf and mute. He was exhausted and fading fast.

  • Her palms were sweating and her breath was coming in rapid pants. She felt dizzy and like she was swimming. Her hands clung tightly to the keys in her grip, the only weapon she had available to her right now. She kept walking, no enemy in sight, but one could always be around the corner.

  • It was with a great effort that he lifted the rubble. His muscles strained and burned under his dark skin, making him pinch his eyes shut as the doctor pulled the victim out from the crushing darkness. Faster, he thought to himself, please go faster. And when the man was out, he was only too happy to drop the concrete.

  • It’s something that he sometimes forgot. How lucky he was. And the pain struck, or he felt the numbness of deadened nerves and his desire to keep it rushed back to him, knocking the breath from his lungs and leaving him staggering. He wanted to live. Not from fear of death, but from the joy it brought him. He wanted to live.

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    They are everywhere. creeping and crawling and making him so uncomfortable. The man found himself hugging corners and hiding in alleys, trying to make sure they wouldn’t take him again. Every time the thought […]

  • She looked up and beamed at the figure who had come to her rescue. In this hell, she had been so sure that her comrade, her friend, the woman she loved had died, but there she was. She was bloody and her teeth […]

  • Terry sighed as he curled into Denver and closed his eyes, making the vampire chuckle as he ran his fingers through the smaller man’s hair. On his other side, Josh also dozed, long limbs more splayed out than […]

  • She pressed the little pods into the ground and wept as she did so. Each drop helped nudge them forward, into growth and into life. She pressed them into the earth, thousands of them and she wept until her dried […]

  • Each step was heavy for other but she? Was light on her toes against the concrete floor in her orange jumpsuit. it disturbed the other women, knowing her and recognizing her from the news, but this insane but sane […]

  • She struggled, tears streaming down her cheeks and blood making her hand sticky and slick at the same time, but they would not release her. She fought and fought, trying to run when finally the blood caused her […]

  • He cursed and held his hand to his chest, grunting and bleeding all over his white hoodie. The redheaded man in the corner rolled his eyes and got the first aid kit, going over to the man as he said, “So, you’re a […]

  • He laughed and laughed and laughed, but there was something wrong with it all. It was something joyous turned scared and devastated. He was clutching his stomach, getting blood on his abs as he cried and laughed over the body of the one he loved. He laughed so hard that his cracked and broken ribs […]

  • She looked toward the sky and felt the rainwater slither down her neck and between her breasts, soaking and cleansing her skin and soul as she fell to her knees, the concrete splitting open the skin there as she cried but refused to sob. Weather it was joy, sorrow, horror or fear she could not […]

  • She shifted from foot to foot, shiver ever so lightly. Her breath came out in shuddering puffs in the cold air and the wind buffeted her clothes and her feathers. Yes, she had wings, but she had never flown before today. With one final breath, she threw herself into space, wings snapping open.

  • The cloth was draped across his massive wings, hiidng them from view. Occasionally a feather would escape both light and dark all at once. No unworthy eyes would be allowed to see the wings of the God of Death and he intended to keep it that way with the bands of cloth draped around and […]

  • It meandered through the trees, hooves crunching on the dried foliage. Her tail was down and she was calm when the gunshot cracked and she ran as fast as he legs would carry her, knowing her father and brother had just been killed in her forest and was now rotting with the leaves.

  • Every morning I braid my hair. it keeps it out of my way and makes it easier to take care of in the long run. I also like it when my girlfriend grabs it and leads me along. Normal couples hold hands, but she holds my braid and I love it. With this much hair, […]

  • His fingers strummed across the strings almost absently, wistfully. “I didn’t know you could play,” Eames said, a slight awe in his voice and Arthur shrugged, though his dimples flashed, “It’s just… a hobby. Something to help me relax.” And Eames grinned because Arthur was trusting him with this little fact.

  • Eames held up his notebook victoriously, “I have it!” he exclaimed. Arthur shook his head bemusedly and took off his glasses, setting Jane Eyre aside to say, “What’ve you got?”
    “An invention to take the stick out of your arse.”
    and Arthur fell off his chair laughing.

  • “Quit movin’ the blanket!” She exclaimed, body stretched across her husband’s lap as he tied the fleece around her, smiling gently. “Holy crap!” she exclaimed as the Big Daddy burst through a wall and attacked her. In a fit of laughter and clicking, she defeated it, uncaring as she was wrapped up.