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    The mirror broke, shards flung to the far corners of the room from the impact. The pieces on the ground reflected the lamplight back a grisly red as blood dripped from her head onto the remains. “It doesn’t hurt that much,” she thought before slipping into a deep unconsciousness to escape the horrors of her reality.

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    All i can think about with this word is Conor McGregor. He is the embodiment of his arrogant and yet beautiful lifestyle. He is both graceful and cocky and can switch between the two between one press conference and the next. Always finding that line of acceptable and then just reaching over it– whether its a pin-striped “fuck you” suit or…[Read more]

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    The devil is in the details so they say. Sarah considered this as she lightly traced the veins that laced across Collin’s hand and forearm. In that case, I love the devil more and more every day. Sarah smiled tightly to herself, admiring the play of her pale fingers over this man’s tanned skin.

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    It began to glow underneath the then white garment draped over it, haphazardly hiding it from view. It wasn’t until the orb vibrated off the pillar with a solid thunk, though, that Collin noticed it. He warily nudged it with his staff remembering the last time he touched something belonging to the mage.

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    The timing was all wrong. This couldn’t be the real end. Things would come back together somehow.

    She held onto that belief like the only piece of wood in the ocean of her emotions. She wasn’t ready to face the fact that it wouldn’t hold her above water for long.

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    The bottle shattered against the wall. Her eyes were so wide that he would have laughed under different circumstances. His anger had control. But why was he angry? He couldn’t remember. Why was he trying to hurt Amber? He couldn’t remember that either.

    There was a small amount of fear that screamed at him as someone hefted– no, it was him…[Read more]

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    Pan plays his flute and draws me in
    You don’t need to focus on that right now
    Take a break, his music seems to say
    It flows and surges around me
    But I cannot afford to listen
    Not now, not yet.
    I am busy, fluteplayer, and I am sorry
    We will dance one day
    But tonight?
    Tonight I must write!

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    “Don’t move.”

    Jenna took Varek’s advice and froze where she stood. Her muscles quivered after fighting all night. Now, everything stood still, hanging in the balance. There was a quiet sound– what was that? Growling. Something was definitely growling, and it was close to her, hiding. She could just make out the shape of a man in her peripheral…[Read more]

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    Searing pain is what roused Cassie out of her stupor. Where am I? she croaked. A woman rushed to her in the academy’s nurse uniform.

    “You’re in the hospital, dear.”

    Cassie felt as if the sheer fabric draped around her had robbed her of any dignity she lay have held from the lost fight.

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    They’d finally made it back. Gabriel went right back to things as if nothing had changed. Cassie was sitting on the fence watching him sweep the extra hay out of the stall. She’s so happy she chose him. They’re life may not be perfect, but they at least knew they could conquer the world.

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    She tried not to turn her nose. She needed the help, but desperately didn’t want to admit it. The old man was still holding the cloak out to her. She could see it out of the corner of her eye. He had a nice, friendly face. Myles was his name, and he was well known around this area for his charity. What he wanted with her, she couldn’t fathom. She…[Read more]

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    She stared into the mirror, intrigued at the magic she was learning. She turned to look at her tutor, Marshall, but he looked pain. Alarmed, she went to him and grabbed his sleeve.
    “But what’s the matter? I’ve finally learned to skry!”
    “I know, my dear, and I cannot tell you how proud I am of you, but…” He looked down, eyes misting…[Read more]

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    A cat intent on its prey follows it, stalks it. So the man followed her. He would make noises to scare her, intimidate her, make her wonder if someone was following her. He was simply a tiger playing with its food. The time would come for her life to end, but what was the hunt without a little fun?

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    I can’t come up with anything to write. My first thought is “Bad things always happen in pairs”, and then I go blank. This is all I have today.

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    To delve into one’s subconscious is a dangerous task to undertake. The ideas, beliefs, and fears a person can find may change him forever. Sometimes a person doesn’t have a choice: an event triggers the meditation or you’re required to in order to go back to school.

    That second part? Yeah, that’s what happened to me.

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    He looked around where he had fallen. Shattered glass covered the concrete around him, and he felt the lacerations in his hands. There was a sickening throb at the back of his head, and black spots danced in his vision from the music of the night club he has just been forcably removed from- through a window.

    That was not okay.

    His eyes…[Read more]

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    The glass spilled all down her front, but Allison didn’t even notice. The person that ran into her was also ignored. She stared open-mouthed at the latest arrival to the party- a face she never though she would see again: Nathaniel had resurfaced after fourteen years.

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    He started talking about it, and she put a hand over his mouth.

    “Are you stupid? We don’t know who is here!” Her eyes quickly scanned the bar. No one had noticed their little scene. Yet.

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    She failed to see the shadow slinking around the locker room as she got ready to shower. The shadow had noticed her- had for years. It had finally found its chance. Singing loudly and very off key, it crept closer. Lunging, the figure casting the shadow snatched the girl and wrapped her in the now ripped shower curtain. This man, for that’s what…[Read more]

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    They all sat around the fire drinking, smoking, and singing along to the sound of the guitar. It was their senior year, and it was coming to a close. When the fire finally burned low and there was a soft glow on the ring of students, someone began to play “Laughed Until We Cried”. The moment was so tender and solemn; no one sang with him. It made…[Read more]