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    Things that come in pairs: sox, glasses lenses, contact cases, grandmothers, apple pies, and trouble.

    So thought Emily Sanders as she saw the teacher coming across the playground, her brother’s broken glasses in her hand.

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    Grey light shown through the windows of the little cafe on fourth street. It was still early so only a few customers sat sipping their coffee and listening to the tap tap of typewriter keys.

  • The trench stank. Blood, sweat, piss and shit. Corporal Glass breathed deep and stretched his back. Another day in the trenches. Maybe he’d get lucky and die.

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    Vines! Jerome exclaimed, pounding his fist on his hip. Why did it have to be vines?!

    Jerome hated vines. Always had, ever since one had tried to strangle him when tromping through his backyard wilderness…

    Or had that been a snake?

  • You’ve got something on your face, she said, leaning in to wipe it.

    And now I’ve got spit on my face, Kyle said, nose wrinkling.

    And a smudge, his friend added helpfully.

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    Life is a story we tell ourselves.

    Our senses tell our brains to stop, look, and listen…our brains tell our senses to just keep searching…Our hearts tell our brains to shut it, and be happy where we are.

  • Sending all the wrong signals. Great. Allabaster rolled her silvery eyes skyward. Why was it every time a nice young merman asked to share a trout she had to scare him off?

    Must be the shark teeth…

  • Hah! flailing in the dark is an appropriate way to describe what I’m doing right now…though I don’t know why I thought of it that way…

    Andrew lifted his chin, took a breath of blanket stifled air, and went back to work.

  • Oh god not this again, Jerome thought, not another sanctity of marriage argument. Didn’t we get enough of these in class? didn’t these people watch the West Wing?

    Whoever the President on that show is basically destroys the whole Bible argument. Didn’t they understand the separation of church and state?

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    Grr, Elanor thought, I already did this stupid word. She glanced down that the annoyingly swift blue line. Ah well, might as well write something, though this is probably too meta.

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    “Flat” Alexandra thought looking down at her chest in disgust. “Completely, totally, 100%, flat. I don’t even have pecs.”

    “Oh well,” pulling on a shirt, “They’re just bags of fat anyway.”

  • The salesman scratched his head in confusion as he gazed at his assistant’s newest acquisition. “How are we supposed to sell that?” he asked.

    “I don’t know,” the young man replied, “just stick it in the front window and see who comes by.”

  • Another day another husband, Melissa Mclarain thought. That was the problem with living forever, of course, one tended to accumulate things like husbands.

    Of course it’s not all bad, Melissa thought to herself checking the balance of her bank account.

  • All systems go, the pilot said, surveying to display. Ready to engage the enemy.

    Let’s fucking get some! the fighter exclaimed, breathlessly readjusting his grip on the trigger.

    The star fighter joined the combat.

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    He was cool, Sarah thought rolling her eyes. Damn it he was cool. Why did he have to be so cool?

    Cool? he asked with an incredulous smile, I may be many things but cool is not one of them.