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    Anabel fought with her boyfriend but this was any fight, this was about her daughter, his stepdaughter. She thought he would understand about the bond between daughter and mother but clearly he didn’t. He didn’t understand that her daughter was sick and needed her more and that broke her heart like crazy. Why wouldn’t he understand that?

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    Anabel sighed as she looked at Clem and realized she would have to get him reminded to take her to her dance sessions. This was extremely frustrating because he never forgot to do Sienna’s stuff but when it came to Anabel, he always forgot. She reminded him again and again.

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    Clive smiled at Jess but he never had the strength to tell her what he felt about her. Would she run away if she knew. Would she laugh and feel the same back to him. He cursed his shyness sometimes. He blushed wildly at her face.