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    the base of our thoughts mostly linked to our everyday surroundings. family, peers, society plays a very important part in our line of thinking.

  • Rain commented on the post, indistinct 8 years, 9 months ago

    when we got stuck in a phase of life when v realize that v have bn living on other’s expectations… evry-thing seem shattered, is’nt it? our aims and goals awl feel so in-distinct and blurred! aah, then we bound to find a way to live our life by our way, to be cOntented in the […]

  • Rain commented on the post, mission 8 years, 10 months ago

    Since early childhood, one of the fondest mission of mine have been ‘Helping people’ .. First I opt to go for being a doctor for the same reason, ofcOurse, but I changed my mind in the middle of the process; not helping ppl but the doctor one. cz it wUd take mOst of life and […]

  • Rain commented on the post, commit 8 years, 11 months ago

    every time I get scOlded by my Mum, I think abt cOmmitting sUicide.. *sigh* My only fera abOut dying is wht if ‘Marr ke bhi chein namila tOu kahan jaen-ge’; ‘translatiOn: wht if I wOnt be satisfied after dying’, dn I wOnt hv any optiOn dts y I jErk my head nd try to shake […]

  • Rain commented on the post, pleased 8 years, 11 months ago

    That was a time when I used to get plEased by da arrival of my relatives and I think da cAuse was lOnesome bUt as nOw dt I’ve qUite grOwn-up nd sOlituDe is da bEst part of my life; so any one’s arirval in my hOme is like intErference in my life, itx a burden […]

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    At my gradUation frOm high shool, ‘WE’ da all friends made scrap nd sLAm books in ordEr to save r darkEst secrets, to share em in bLack nd white, nd da cOnditiOn of da secrets was they shOuld be so dark dt we never ws cOmfortable to pass it to da friends in wOrds.. And […]

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    Then da General ordered his men to get in a line, to gEt prepared for the parade.. The discipline in army is wOrth-seeing nd wOrth-lEarning a lessOn, A lessOn of perfEct life, uttErly impeccable brOtherhood and ofcOurse nOt da lEast da extraordinary cOurage!

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    I love watching high tides standing at da shOre… It feels lyk bEing in hEaven itsElf, is’nt it?
    smelling da vaSt ocEan, hEaring da bird chirping, da slOw whispers of lOvers seems isOlated frOm da world. I witness mOther natUre at itx bEst thEre..

  • Rain commented on the post, wash 9 years ago

    When da rain poUrs it wasHes awy awl my misEry, pain nd terrOrs excEpt for one… da fear fOr get drOwned! I often dream dt Itx raining so hEavily… wd bright thUnders all over da sky…. ppl running anxiOusly to gEt a shElter… childRen crying for da lOSt parents… nd MysElf… Yelling nd scReaming wd […]

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    I wanna be lyk a hawk… shaRp-brained…. keen-eYed… sOunds fUn!
    To be mOre precise i wna be a dEtective wd hawk instinCts.. :D

  • Rain commented on the post, remark 9 years ago

    seem bEautifUl… I’ll hav a pLace whEre I can write my hEart-oUt♥…!! :)