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    We walked through that garden, just the two of us, crunching the morning frost underfoot as we went. Violets, tulips and all manner of foliage grew in every soil bed, creating a beautiful place to take a loved one. I led her to a vintage bench, situated in the middle of the yard, surrounded by […]

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    ‘Bloody hell, she’s a sadist,’ Jason complained, rubbing his sore thighs. ‘You’d think she would at least put down the megaphone once in a while,’ said Dan, ‘if not to give us a break, then the poor megaphone.’ We all chuckled half-heartedly – the joke wasn’t particularly funny, nor were we in a laughing mood. […]

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    She fiddled with the plastic straw floating in the drink, twirling it between her fingers, looking absent-mindedly out the window, biting her lip as she did so. I sat, content, on the opposite side of the booth, happy to just stare at her, and take in her perfection, her imperfection, her infinite beauty and flaming […]

  • Matt commented on the post, held 8 years, 4 months ago

    Slow music crept out of the speakers and wrapped itself around every couple in the room, giving each of them a sense of security. I was no exception, for once. She rested her head on my shoulder, allowing me full control of our movements across the dance floor, and showing her trust for me. I […]

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    The jet black limousine pulled up at the dockside. A passerby noticed the ominous nature of the vehicle and switched to the other side of the footpath, as a slick suited man stepped out, hand inside his jacket, seemingly clutching something of important. He walked around to the opposite door, and pulled it open, taking […]

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    The film reel started to spin, and multicoloured light streamed out of the lens, projecting onto the screen. I sat, alone, in the fourth row from the front, staring resolute at the images. I could not remember how I got there, in that rundown theatre, or what I was doing there. Even as the film […]

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    “We’re looking for this man.” The stern-looking sergeant slid a CCTV image of the suspect across the table towards me. Immediately I recognised him. Long sideburns and all. “What’s he done?” I asked. The sergeant titled his head slightly, quizzical. “Why do you ask?” “No reason,” I shrugged, trying my best to look nonchalant. Seeming […]

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    He lay there, in an uncomfortable, scratchy, hospital bed, an old, sickly man. He had decided that he would be at peace with the end, and he would not complain and regret like others in the hospital; nay, the mortuary. But, feeling the darkness creeping up on him, he felt no peace – only despair. […]

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    It is interesting, amazing even, to wonder how such an insignificant event or object can irrevocably alter the course of one’s life. Take, for instance, the common breath mint. For most of us, it is a convenient way to mask the foul odour of festering bacteria feeding off stagnant collections of food, but I would […]

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    Tightening his grip on the dim torch, the boy was glad to have some source of light, however dull it may have been. An owl hooted directly above him and the boy jumped with fright. This was not the place he would’ve liked to have been after dark, but unfortunate circumstances had given him no […]

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    The phone booth sat, empty, rundown, and unused. Graffiti plastered its outer walls – scrawls of deluded would-be teenage artists mixed with the occasional splash of talent. A single fluorescent light flickered incessantly within. No-one had used the phone in years. And yet, suddenly, shockingly, the shrill sound of the telephone rang out. And rang. […]

  • Matt commented on the post, thief 8 years, 5 months ago

    The thief peered around the corner, straining to see any other person in the darkness. Having found no-one, he darted around to the next wall, pressing his body against the brick. In this run-down, dank district of the city, the only sounds were dogs barking incessantly and the infrequent siren occasionally piercing the silence. Tonight, […]

  • Matt commented on the post, wrath 8 years, 5 months ago

    “It’s your choice.” As the hooded figure strode away, the man stared down at what he’d just been given – a small, red button. The figure had explained that he now had the power to destroy, rebuild, obliterate, or repair entire lives, cities, or countries. Should he choose to, he could inflict extreme pain and […]

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    The little mole scurried back into its burrow, startled by the strange creatures approaching. He peeked just enough of its head to see the immense, pink moles, of which he had never seen. Were they another family of moles that he had never heard of? His mother had spoken of such ‘moles’ occasionally coming near, […]

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    The triple chocolate muffin stared at her, its chips of heaven intoxicating. She was sorely tempted. But then, next to it, was an even bigger muffin, with even more chocolate. It tempted her even more. And even then, next to that bigger muffin…was an EVEN BIGGER muffin, with a almost sickening amount of chocolate. There […]

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    He knelt on the soft grass, peering around the picket fence. The little boy was curious; what was going on next door? He could hear plenty of exclamations, no words he knew, but he still recognised the anger in the voices. As he began to get more and more adventurous, he ventured fully around the […]

  • Matt commented on the post, forgotten 8 years, 5 months ago

    The garden was overgrown, musty, forgotten. Vines crept along every surface they could find, the grass was waist height, and whatever evidence of flowers there may have been was lost beneath a plethora of weeds. A lonely garden gnome lay on the soft ground, half constricted by a rogue creeper vine.

  • Matt commented on the post, vodka 8 years, 5 months ago

    The half-empty bottle stared back at the drunk; the clear liquid mocking him. It had destroyed his life, lost him his wife, house, job, kids, everything. And even now, after having everything taken away from him, still he could not resist it. The vodka burned his throat as it flowed into his stomach – the […]

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    The park was desolate; an urban wasteland. The once-active merry-go-round was rusted in place, the swing squeaked with the slightest breath of wind, and the slide was a child’s weight away from collapsing, its supports entirely rotted through. NO child played there anymore. The only evidence of humans traipsing though were a few discarded beer […]

  • Matt commented on the post, fluorescent 8 years, 5 months ago

    Fluorescent lights shine harsh, cold light on my features. The chilly air drifts through this lonely house. I hear a creak. Could it be? Has he come for me so soon? Surely not. I must have had more time than this. For I fear I have not used my time wisely; squandered it like a […]