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    Unkempt hair fell over his eyes in curled knots, its dark brown colouring almost blacking out his pupils behind it. He knew what he had to do.
    He just didn’t want to.

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    The parachute refused to unleash itself. I pulled relentlessly at the chord, willing it to grace me to safety. With the ground quickly approaching, I knew I was running out of time.
    I’d thought about killing myself. Hell, I’d tried it a few times.
    But this? This was wrong. I didn’t want to be remembered like this.
    My brain became frantic. Ben’s…[Read more]

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    Her auburn hair wavered in the light breeze, her bright green eyes gliding aimlessly over the scene in front of her.
    “Hey, you gonna come up here, or what?” She smiles and offers a hand down to help me up. I suddenly realized that the only thing I was thinking was, ‘She’s beautiful.’

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    There are many stories in this world, too many to be told and too many to hear. There are stories of the past, the present, and the future. Stories of heroes and dragons, of love and lust, of monsters, daemons, and angels.
    However, there is one story that has never been told.
    Should it remain that way?

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    It was hardcore trench warfare now: no rules, no one to regulate you or what you did.
    It was all free. The fighting, the unplanned attacks, the weapons.
    It was all open now.

  • The reality was fabricated; not real. It didn’t even look real, everything was plastic, fake, unmoving and emotionless. It was dull. We wanted out.
    So out we went.

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    “It’s the truth,” she whispered. “I swear.”
    I stared into her eyes, not wanting to believe her. I SO didn’t want to believe her. But… Something was different than before. There was a glint in her eye, a glimmer of honesty.
    I grabbed her hand and smiled. “C’mon,” I said. “We’ve got some saving to do.”

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    The signal changed from red to green, and he gently pushed down on the pedal. About halfway through the intersection, he noticed two lights heading towards him coming from the left. There was a honk, then a crash, then darkness.

  • The gown was embellished with thousands of tiny jewels; it was something only royalty would’ve worn. I put it back down onto the ash covered ground, “seems like such a waste…” I think to myself as I look out over the now charcoal-black valley.

  • She flailed in the water, helpless, slowly giving in to its freezing but welcoming arms.
    She was going to drown, she was going to drown and there was no one here to save her.
    After everything she’s been through, she was going to DROWN to death; no getting shot, hung, burned at the stake, buried alive, dying of hunger, no. She would drown, and…[Read more]

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    I don’t know why they force us to learn.
    The problem with our education system is that the education is forced upon us; we aren’t given a choice on whether or not we want to learn the material.
    Along the same lines, it doesn’t make sense to me that we aren’t able to choose what we want to learn. We should be given the opportunity to explore…[Read more]

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    It wasn’t real.
    It couldn’t be.
    Even if it was, what would you expect me to say?
    I was shocked, dumbfounded, taken aback.
    It couldn’t be.
    It was impossible.
    It just couldn’t be.

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    “To create is to destroy”
    At least, that’s what we’ve always been told. I was raised this way, a brainwashing system that started from birth. I’m not alone, as there are kids everywhere who grow up knowing this, and this only.

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    The Master turned to the Doctor, already knowing what he was going to do.
    “I have to, Doctor.”
    The Doctor looked saddened–no, it was more than that… He looked depressed. “You don’t have to, though. Please, we’re the only ones left!”

  • I have zero experience with things like this. I’ve usually been good in school, but I seriously haven’t been able to focus for my life the past few months; I’d just much rather be working on personal stuff than school stuff. I’d really like to be working on and finishing the different writing pieces I’m working on, but I’ve had to spend all of my…[Read more]

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    They replaced me.
    They fucking replaced me.
    How could they? I thought I was important to them.

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    “Sure,” he said, not knowing why.
    ‘Oh shit! What have I done…?’ he thought to himself, almost immediately after he uttered the word.
    “Really? Great! I’m so glad you’re willing to help! We’ll be meeting around 7 tomorrow, so be sure to be on time. See you there!”
    “Yeah, see you.”
    ‘Fuck. Now I have ANOTHER commitment to deal with.’

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    They walked towards the massive tent, unaware of the adventure that was about to begin.

    Upon entering, they found themselves in a circle of animals, men, and women. Everyone was shrouded in darkness, so they were unable to completely understand the magnitude of their actions.

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    It was everywhere. I ran to the door of my room and felt it with the tips of my fingers. Almost instantly, I drew them back and clutched them in my opposite hand. There was smoke seeping in from the unseen side of the door.
    I looked to my window. I knew what I had to do.
    I just didn’t want to do it.

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    It was simple; women just didn’t act that way. It was ‘unseemly’, as the head mistress had put it. It didn’t matter to me, though. I didn’t care about what society said or how other’s would judge me; I just wanted to be myself without anyone telling me not to.