• the lord said my body is my temple, aren’t temples meant to be decorated? shouldn’t i cover it with art and inspiration? jesus was a hypocrite, dont tell me one thing and deem it evil the next oh holy one.

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    its my brain, directing every electrical wave, every tiny spark and whir, every electronic thought. my possibilities are endless, or perhaps they have an end just like these 60 seconds.

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    it bridles me, this guilt, it’s holding me back from doing what is required. i fight this feeling, the one telling me to just keep teasing him, to bring him to where he wants so desperately to be. i deserve better then this,

  • my fingers fly over the key board trying to get the configuration of words to erupt from my finger tips like lava from a moody volcano. only 60 seconds you say. a mere 60 seconds. seems like a minute to win it, […]

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    inside the earth where my body decays slowly minute by minute i provide the nourishment they require to become the mesmerizing flowers that will one day captivate your very mind.

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    this moment in time, how i wish it would last forever. i want to savor the flavor of his lips, the way he kisses me with so much passion. but in the end i’ll just fuck everything up so i might as well make this […]

  • nothing about this feels right, everything is getting hazy. first my vision goes, then my hearing. what is going on here? i’m looking down at my own body and wondering what in the fuck is going on. soon i realize […]