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    It wasn’t Alice that got swept up in the tornado it was Dorothy. It took me a moment to realize my mistake. I can vividly remember the wicked witch of the west, the WWW, riding her broom in the storm. Or maybe it was a bike? It’s not important.

  • At approximately 14:00, in Miami, Florida; Mr. Hasslehoff entered ‘Tyler Booty presents: Mr. Titter’s Jug ‘n’ Chug Emporium’. Inside, Mr. Hasslehoff repeatedly exclaimed profane language and claims he ‘brought […]

  • “Wew…Ah musta bin 2 ears old when ah furrst fer in love with fawing offa fings. My love faw ged’ding hit by tings came latur when pa started drinking. Gurd tams! Bud thar first time yur stand on your roof and […]

  • Ian was stirring teriyaki sauce when Sharon arrived home. “Hey?” said Sharon, wondering if he might already be home. “I’m in the kitchen” replies Ian, smiling and adding chicken to the Teriyaki. Sharon was […]

  • I virtually melted under the gaze of the 1000 irritated Puerto Ricans. I’d like to say it wasn’t my fault they were all covered in faeces, but it was. Women & children screamed as the tidal wave of rats I had […]

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    I with I was the Bryan that wrote this.

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    It’s warm, but not warm enough for insects. That means not warm enough for short. But too warm for pants. I can sit under a tree and not worry about ants.

  • Whilst the precious fire flickered in the darkness of the cave, woman sex stares at sleeping man. Though his resting is the result of a day’s hunt that will provide weeks of sustenance for baby and pet sabre […]

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    Caves and men, art that depicts scores of loin-cloth wearing savages spearing mammoths. Primitive reminders of the greatness of man.

  • After the little league game, I stood by the bleachers. At first I did not notice I was not alone. The sounds of gentle sobbing eventually became loud enough for me to hear. I looked under the seats to find a […]

  • Mmmmmmmm….donkey balls.

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    He orders an Americano from the barista, a tattooed girl who barely acknowledges him between bites of her tuna sandwich. He’s not sure she’s even heard his order, when she plops the drink in front of him. […]

  • I had just finished work and was walking toward my favourite titty bar, when I noticed a commotion outside of the Target store. Sauntering in for a closer look, the poster above the door became clearer – ‘5pm […]

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    I think that everyone wishes, secretly, that they didn’t have to go to work, that they could focus on that one passion project that will make life worth living. But it gets hard to separate leisure and work. […]

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    Funny, man ;)

  • After trailing through entries I’m going to make a call – oneword.com has more consistent and stirring Female writers than male writers…sorry dudes. Make yourselves known!

  • Is it just me, or could this website do with a better interface..?

  • There is a spirit that lingers in the stands. The torn up grass suggest the true power of the game. The floodlights stand high in the sky and blaze brighter than the sun. They hide a ghostly graveyard of bitter […]

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    I am having trouble with writer’s block right now. I should be working but I keep spending my time procrastinating. I don’t have all that much to do, but I can make every excuse to wander the hallowed hall’s of […]

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    I’m designing a poster at work for a campaign called Vow of Silence. The campaign deals with children being quiet for 24 hours and raising $2 each hour they remain silent. I don’t think it makes much money if […]