• fadetosilence commented on the post, use 6 years, 7 months ago

    Here, take it all

    these two hands and feet
    attached to tiresome body

    eyes that shines so brightly
    and brain that won’t stop
    churning ideas on fueled dreams

    these lips part for your name
    this heart doubles its thumping
    just like runners going sprint
    and they are all yours to take or break

  • You lift your eyes and I’m lost. Yes, just like that, you sent me to this spinning carrousel. And if I inhaled, I almost can taste the caramel and butter filling the air. The warmth of summer and the last of ray […]

  • These wispy ends of your curls
    the crease of your smiling eyes
    one humble dip where high bone meet lips
    the smooth tequila on your tongue
    and spicy fragrant I cannot recall
    I never think I can catch it
    the […]

  • fadetosilence commented on the post, half 6 years, 10 months ago

    I don’t need a wink of time to consider or think about it: you are, without a doubt, my better half. There’s a reason why people call it better and you make it true to the root. No contest there.

  • fadetosilence commented on the post, zone 6 years, 10 months ago

    It is yours and not mine but thank you sweetheart

  • fadetosilence commented on the post, want 6 years, 10 months ago

    Your scent still taste the same even after these years of seas between us. Your lips bleeding red to the contour of a kiss. Your tongue slither to wet the want. Your eyes hold burning intent under that black […]

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    She banks on others’ uninformed decisions. The graphics and numbers that make the statistics cannot go wrong. Oh well, they may point to awry direction if you don’t read them carefully. But not for her, elisa […]

  • He draw a long sigh after looking at the boy with slight remorse. Ready to turn him on the door for even daring to show up but the event from last night leaves more than a dent to his scarring ego. He twirled the […]

  • I’m pretty sure you hate me or at the very least think that I’m weird.
    But my heart is already a captive of your laugh and my eyes are set to you from the very beginning.
    So, I’ll try to set aside this small […]

  • When the time comes my darling, it will be simple.
    No big drum roll. No fanfare. No fireworks flying.
    Only utter mechanic of limbs, wrapping in a sweetest hug.
    But the statement will still be loud and clear: […]

  • fadetosilence commented on the post, gum 6 years, 11 months ago

    the gum stain her lips.
    she chewed again.
    blew and pop.

  • The holder finally breaks after his final thrust. He picks apart what is left on the table and sweeps the remnants into the crystal jar. Circular motion with the handkerchief collects the fairy dust. The notion […]

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    She brought her hand to cover the sunlight. No more trees or thrown away bushes in from the height she’s at right now. The could fuses into abstract form she can’t decipher, much like her life right now