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    They were haunted by the memory of sound. The sound of sirens filling the empty void before the bombs began to drop. We were cowered in our bunkers waiting for the inevitable.

  • He presented the case with the utmost conviction. The jury listened attentively to every word of his impassioned speech. They traveled with him to the distant corners of his adventure into the darkness, and appeared to empathize with his cause, but alas they remained indifferent to his sentence. The damage was done. In the end there is no justice.

  • Her systematic methods of torture were cold and calculating. She knew exactly what she wanted, and was not afraid of resorting to any extremes to satisfy her needs. We are all objects of pleasure in her twisted green eyes.

  • The first time the news was broadcast on live television, I couldn’t help but think to myself: “this is really happening.” Everything I believed in until that point came to a crashing halt. A new beginning with no end in sight. The future was unwritten.

  • We were soaring higher and higher on our balloon. The destination was not important for me, but I couldn’t say the same about her. When I realized her only purpose was to get higher, I had no choice but to jump.

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    We both knew exactly how it would end and we both refused to accept the reality we bent. Sooner or later we all pay the price. For both of us, the cost was greater than the high.

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    My mother keeps a schedule on the fridge of all of the meals she plans on cooking for the month. I always look forward to Thursdays.

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    Empires rise and fall. It is the consequence of pure desire.

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    Forever will come soon. But she said that it wasn’t so. How soon will it be before you’re just a memory? Images burned on rolls of film, waiting to be recycled in some distant land…soon it will be over.

  • I was sitting in the corner of the 12th floor of the library when a repetitive thumping grabbed my attention.