• It was a large craft, well equipped for carrying cargo. Unfortunately, it’s current load was not exactly cargo, and was far from pleased with the exceedingly adequate cargo accommodations. Worse, the nature of what the craft was transporting meant that it was now drawing fire it was never equipped to deal with.

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    Next up on family feud, we have the Hatfeilds and the McCoys. Who can guess what Americans think of first as excuses to get out of work? Here on Family Feud!

  • It bubbled in the pot, steaming and boiling as I stirred it together. I felt like a wizard mixing some sort of elixir of life or potion, but in truth, it was just my very first pot of homemade tomato sauce, and it was divine.

  • “I’m afraid it’s not as we’d hoped. It spread to the lymph nodes, and from there, it looks to have gone to the lungs, liver, stomach and ovaries. It’s stage four, and I’m not sure what we can do for you.”

  • He opened his mouth as the structure beneath twisted in the light of the full moon. Fangs grew in longer, his canines coming in fully from where they normally hid in his jaws as his face shifted to allow for a muzzle to develop.

  • “I crave adventure,” she said flatly. Her friends looked at her, their jaws opened in amazement.

    “You?” they asked? “You sanitize the toilet paper!”

  • Right after I lost you, I thought there would never be a day when the ache wouldn’t overwhelm me. I missed you so much. But now, 15 years later, I manage to get through most of my days without the deep ache of loss.

  • I couldn’t stay away, not when it called to me like that. It was like Odysseus, when he had to have his men tie him to the mast of his ship so he could hear the call of the sirens and still sail past. I could never resist the ocean just as he couldn’t resist […]

  • “She’s so high-strung, that one,” he said around his bit of hay in his mouth. “You gotta be real gentle with ‘er. Take a strong hand, but be gentle, or she’ll toss ya. She’s got a mind of ‘er own, she does.”

  • “You’ve strung me along for years now, and I’m tired of it. I deserve to know the truth. I deserve to be treated with basic dignity and respect. Tell me then, once and for all. Do you really love me, or am I just a convenient companion, a tool to keep you from being so […]

  • “You will see,” he explained, “that my remarks on the subject were published in the 2034 Science journal.”

  • “Science may have been what did this to us, but I’m certain that we can use science to find a way out of this mess. Who would have ever thought that life could be a curse?”

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    It was given to him by his father, chosen for this interview, his first real suit. His parents hoped he’d get into law school. He’d be happy just getting to date the girl who took his application.

  • “Stretch out tall,” the instructor said. “Imagine that there’s a string attached to your spine and it pulls you up straight. Feel it pulling up, up, so tall, until you’re weightless.”

  • It was shorter than the others, but it didn’t need to be long to be effective. Covered in a deadly toxin produced by the urchin to defend itself from those who would eat it, the spine served to effectively end the life of the unlucky drunkard who stumbled onto it.

  • Technically, when they did get the light from Sol, that was starlight, too. Even the light that Jupiter reflected to them was Sol’s starlight. But there was quiet beauty in looking out to all the other stars in the heavens.

  • It filtered down into their dome. It was one of the nice things about being among the first colonists on Europa; they were far enough from the sun that the starlight was the brightest thing in the sky at night.

  • “When I was a child,” she said slowly, living to a century was a great achievement. Few people did it. You could count them. Now,” she said, “you can count the ones who don’t. Times have changed.”

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    It rings out loud and clear, sounding the rejection of the so-called talent of the contestant, or perhaps the end of their torture on-stage at the hands of the audience. The gong show is unforgiving to the awkward.

  • He put on all his best finery. It was an important ceremony. Today was his induction into the Aztec priesthood. First came the the pectoral and the breech cloth, then the collar of obsidian around his neck.