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    She memorizes the line that makes his shoulders and wishes she could lean against it. Perhaps then, it would not be a betrayal when she presses her forehead in the space between his shoulder blades. “Ichi is at fault…Nagamasa-sama.”


    “I’m sorry, Ichi is sorry…Nagamasa-sama-”

    Nagamasa grips her hand and pins it against his…[Read more]

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    “Hey, Mitsunari-sama.” The dice he rolls in his palm clink together like river stones in low tide.
    “It’s kind of late now, but I wanted to thank you. I really wanted to! Heh, I guess it’s more than kind of late, right?”

    He watches Mitsunari’s retreating back, which is too far away now for him to have heard anything. He molds the shape of…[Read more]

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    On nights like this, he remembers himself as a child stepping into sweltering heat and sitting on the porch. It was nighttime, and the moon was out. It’s light made it difficult for him to see- but he could see them- all those dancing fireflies. Many hours later, a page finally found him.

    “Why are you out here?” The page had asked. “You should…[Read more]

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    “There’s probably more than a dozen of them.” Todd says softly with conviction. He’s slightly drunk.

    Clancey looks uncomfortable, mostly because Todd isn’t laughing like he should be. “Yes, but I wasn’t thinking to that extent. Violet and her team blowing up buildings en masse.”

    Todd Allison slowly stands, still able to keep balance. “She…[Read more]

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    He absorbs noise and keeps his expression default. He considers himself commonly quiet, and lets his louder, expressive peers do most of the talking for him. This is one of those times.

    “Maki-chan,” Toudou’s abrupt halt of his one-sided conversation brings him back into the world. He hears him hesitate. “Say. I talk too much, don’t…[Read more]

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    “Meredith…” Elijah makes his voice sad, sad and thick and all kinds of pathetic. “I have an awful headache.”

    The sound of tape being peeled off it’s roll rips through the room. Meredith looks down. “I’ll make you tea. When we get home.” He tears away length of tape with his teeth.

    “But I have a headache now.” Elijah rubs his temples and…[Read more]

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    “Man, I bet someone’s gotten lost here before. Makishima-san’s house is kind of huge.”

    “As in, never seen again?” Imaizumi’s tone of voice suggests he’s losing confidence in their spur of the moment ‘quest to find the third years.

    Onoda peers into another hallway but follows close behind. “Wouldn’t Makishima-san know about that, though? A…[Read more]

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    “I really think Rosings is better suited for the job- God knows he’s been in the department longer than I have.”

    “I don’t think I’m familiar with a Mr. Rosings.” Elijah Gabriel smiles at him like a child.

    He bursts. “Well! You really ought to- that is, you ought to ask him about being your superior! Let him take you under his wing for the…[Read more]

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    Makishima looms over his handlebars. He and Tadokoro observe the frustrations of being a first-year that just biked ten kilometers on a scorching summer day with a teammate that just insulted their choice of hair color.

    “Hey, are those two ever going to shape up?” Makishima grouses as though he’s already answered his own question, but Tadokoro…[Read more]

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    “I’ll show you.” And she does, all but wrenching the DS from his grip and breezing through the first few menus until she finally reaches the character slots. “Okay, now you pick.” Kageyama hasn’t moved his hands since she pulled it away, so the device fits nicely in his hold again. The space between his brows immediately scrunches. “I can chose…[Read more]

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    On their wedding night, Clancey asked Cecilia: “What on earth possessed you to pick me of all people?” He remembers asking this because Cecilia had laughed- she laughed so much some tea had gone up her nose, and they had both laughed then. Cecilia was wearing all of her jewelry, even her seashell necklace, and she would glimmer each time she…[Read more]

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    As a general unspoken rule Cyril doesn’t have much say when it comes to the less than ethical means executing and disposing of certain jobs.

    “Oh, sure. Made him squeal for a while. Just like I promised, hah.” He doesn’t have values- he doesn’t need them to be exceptionally good at his job,. “No, I’ll accept the second half in paper. Don’t go…[Read more]

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    He’s currently stagnant, an alarming kind of passive that does not come easily to him but has somehow flattened out the dimples from his cheeks and wrinkles from his eyes as if they were ironed smooth. His face is an unreadable map, devoid of the scrunch of skin that would resemble hills or mountains if one payed close enough attention. Meredith…[Read more]

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    Todd Allison is a fair proficient when it comes to scheduling and remembering his daily routine. He has sixteen plants to feed, five to feed later, and a couple nocturnal ones that needed watering. It isn’t exactly time consuming when he paces himself, but after a while he starts feeling the pangs too.

    “You need to remember to eat once in a…[Read more]

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    “‘The knee is a hinge joint, it allows for stabilization of the leg as well as weight distribution between’…” The Seirin captain trails off, shutting his eyes when he thinks he’ll be able to concentrate again. “What were you saying earlier?”

    “Hm?” Riko lifts her head from her clipboard, her knuckles pressed tight against her lips.

    “About…[Read more]

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    Sinbad finds himself flat on his back, shoulders spanned across the fallen fans of several date palms. They prick and poke at his spine but he remains still when the sound of hooves rushes under him. When all is still again he sits up and observes the jungle that entangles itself around him.

    “They nearly had us, Ja’far. They headed east!” He…[Read more]

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    “Hold the fort!” An Elijah with dirty knees shouts from behind couch cushion, which is now a grand wall suitable for hiding his visage when he ducks back behind the safety of it. “Keep the wall steady, keep steady, AH- MOVEMENT IN THE HORIZON. RAISE THE DECLARATION FLAG!”

    “Okay!” Petunia is still messy from breakfast when she snatches a dish…[Read more]

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    Elijah is cunning in the sense that he is able to step quietly away from a conversation and not expect anyone to stop him in return. He slips out of grasps and tangles with his words, easing back like any slick, well-defined politician would. He separates himself from the rest of the pool the minute something tangible and threatening shows itself-…[Read more]

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    He’s responsible enough. As far as responsible adults go, he may only be slightly responsible to commit to his own actions. He never agreed to extend that responsibility to anyone else besides his precious Petunia, and Meredith was an adult all on his own. Was he irrational to act this way, especially around a boy who portrays himself ten times…[Read more]

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    Goku doesn’t know many things, and he’s made it alright to accept that small fact about himself, regardless of what certain stinking jerk or all too complacent mother hen tells him otherwise. He takes the stretch of days under his foot and grounds them under his heel, savors the dirt and sand between his toes. Some ought to do the same…[Read more]