• The teacher only mentioned it in class. Apparently my best friend’s cancer was only worthy of a passing remark. Of a word, a glance, an awkward quiet from people who just want to move on already. But it’s not worth just mentioning. It should be addressed, discussed. We should be made prepared for having this is our lives.

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    It was inside of my, at one point. Before it all my fortresses crumbled into sand, into a desert, into a place where nothing can thrive. I lost my forest, my spirit. My spirit was evacuated the day that she left me, that i left her, that we were torn apart. She wasn’t coming back, so neither was my roar.

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    Golden andsoft, light floats off the fairy lights onto the make shift dance floor. Had i known was a my surprise,l party, i would have put on a dress, not worn flip flops. but it was perfect all the same, good […]

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    We are not possible. We are not in a world of windows and clouds and doors. We are caution tape and ceilings and bricks. We are a rejection letter to a school you never had a chance of going to and not the […]

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    Before. it is pre. not change. static. it is good, better, best, awful, horrendous but no matter what it is lost. it is before, it is ow now. it is pictures and memories feelings and it is not completely real in […]

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    She walked through the fair, the smells of stale fried food and sweet sweat everywhere. Michelle hadn’t been to one in so long, not since two schools agin. It was a great night, al ittle chilly,all lights and […]

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    Lemon hair like a dandelion and yellow dress to match. Seriously, this was one bright yellow five year old. I mean, I realize lemonade is yellow, but does on must dress solely in the color of the product they are […]

  • “It’s all sleek lines and planes”, he said enthusaticly. Mr. Thomas (“Just Thomas!” he chirped, but my teacher strictly insisted on “Mr. Thomas”.) was explaining his design for a building. Really, it looked like […]

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    The tour guide was leading them into the next room, but Aaron didn’t want to leave this one. Why would anyone? Gracefully high ceiling, stain glass windows, a beautiful echo from the past. However, once the […]

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    I saw her while being marched to my sterile cell. Gray hair, in a bun. White, plain, formidable clothes. Exactly what you would expect from the head warden if such prestigious prison. I could swear that when she […]

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    It tasted like hope. I know that sounds like a slight exgratation, but after a few days attempting run a way, mac and cheese like it was cooked by gods. But I had to come back. What would sweet, little Michelle […]

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    A sliver of the moon was showing through the boarded up window. God, I wish it would just disappear. I looked at the moon ever night to watch it and dream of it and wonder about it. It was my clock, in a way, a […]

  • Heartache is made of vintage lace I and the wrapper left after a food fight. It’s when you look back at something someone else would never look twice and a weigh drops inside of you. it’s the moment when you […]

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    “My name’s Flip” My new camp director held out a knobby, greasy hand. I took it, shaking tentatively, and used this moment to size him up. It was obviously why he was called Flip, as what was left of his thin, […]

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    The kids were still outside. It was a lovely night, why shouldn’t they be? Be something in the way they stalked the fireflies, toying with them and hurting them unintentionally, made Maria shutter. The poor […]

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    I sat in Spanish engrossed in The Catcher in the Rye. I was terrifeid someone would look over and see what I was reading, not because I didn’t want people to know I read, but because how could I explain such a […]

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    The sea’s temper had worn out, it seemed. The waves tossed the ship like a play thing, and Marcy’s was thrown from her bed, however bed in this case is a relative term. She was awoken by the sound of sailor […]

  • The swan glided through the lake. With its head down, it seemed unaware of the stares and cries of excited children, of the stressed man with the camera clicking away. It was kept going,and it was perfect.

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    My fingers were sticky with sap from the tree. Dammit, why wouldn’t they just leave me alone? I thought as the rubbed my scared finger tips, trying to remember what brought me to be in this pine tree, hiding, […]

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    He was the staple of the family. The clown, the referee, the storyteller, the teacher, and shoulder to cry on. And now he’s gone, leaving us with the feel of his scraggily beard and flannel shirts, to find people […]