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    Find me another word
    this one doesn’t fit over my shoulders
    over skin, over color
    over tangled roots
    and brave new obstacles
    like roadkill in my future.
    Can a Girl get a definition,
    a synonym?
    Can you use it in a sentence for a Girl?

  • N.J. commented on the post, steady 3 years, 7 months ago

    It isn’t conscious, just automatic, these days. I sit here and you sit there, with our bodies not touching, just hovering in each other’s personal space. We breath steadily.

  • N.J. commented on the post, stillness 5 years, 10 months ago

    I won’t say something about night or darkness or whichever bit’s the evil part of yin and yang but I’ll make due with saying something about how we just don’t converse any more. How even with the sun’s first arch smeared across the horizon we feel listless, still, gray in the pale light of daybreak. Legends and misunderstandings clutter the bed…[Read more]

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    Over time I stopped hoping that the lies wouldn’t come so easily–that they’d become lodged in my own throat, choked off, dead in my larynx. Afflictions are difficult to cure, chronic liar, they said. I can’t blame them for their panicky eye-rolling, cautious sidestepping of the lies.

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    When dad left the world tilted and I watched all of the people in my life fall over the edge of the world. Mother drowned below in a sea of Goose. Vita crawled into the cavernous mouth of lust and Danny–well Danny simply clung to the features of earth’s face, clawing and grasping until he’d managed to find a foothold and it was me.

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    The features on her face rearranged themselves into something bitter and wintry. Suddenly her blond lashes were snowflakes frozen onto her white eyelids and her lips were bitten-red and pinched with expression.

  • N.J. commented on the post, swell 7 years, 1 month ago

    Sometime in the night she danced her fingers down his spine as if the swells and bumps of bone beneath filo-thin skin were the keys on her grand baby sitting white and magnificent in the dawn. Come down, come down, she whispered into purple mists. I’m coming down, he’d whispered back, breath tickling the curtains bellowing in her window and…[Read more]

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    Over the hills we climbed until the the shores licked salutations against our toes and then our heels, wrapping around the earth in a rhythmic, timeless push and pull. We were one giant bruise, bandaged […]

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    It was only when the port was just a speck on the horizon stretching out behind them did the men really begin to itch with it–the need for galloping waves and mouths crusty and dry with salt. They spent days and […]

  • N.J. commented on the post, despite 7 years, 5 months ago

    Meredith was convinced that the mold in the spaces of the thing’s teeth wasn’t as toxic as it smelled. She had time to simply sit in the essence of its breath, trying not to hold her breath and whispering into […]

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    Sometime during the night, the dogs had gotten loose. No one saw them chew through their tethers and skulk under the slats of the fence. In the darkness, their shadow forms whispered in the tall grass down to […]

  • N.J. commented on the post, binding 7 years, 5 months ago

    On the floor, the twine lay like dead snakes with no orifices. He kept wondering if at one point in time the same rope hadn’t been so limp.

  • N.J. commented on the post, flex 7 years, 5 months ago

    Sometimes you wonder if she noticed the way the room simply didn’t go quiet when she cleared her throat, as if the light of day simply bent in her esophagus and spilled out of her mouth unnoticed–she couldn’t […]

  • N.J. commented on the post, texture 7 years, 6 months ago

    She bought a shirt with lace clinging to the shoulders and found that she hated the way it draped in the mirror. The color was pointed beneath her ears and it gathered unattractively at her hips.

  • N.J. commented on the post, pour 7 years, 8 months ago

    Routine check-ups left him feeling off kilter and the bottoms of his feet sticky. It was odd to hear a woman’s voice after so long, so long, so long. She poured words onto his sticky toes like tumbling cheerios […]

  • N.J. commented on the post, jelly 7 years, 8 months ago

    Cool jelly smeared on the calves of some bobble-headed hula woman, plastic skin left sticky–I know now what it’s like to be a mother driving a powder blue 1965 Firebird.

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    God, it seemed like it only grew with each glance he graced it with and when he wasn’t looking it swelled and oozed and spilled around them all. No peeking, no peeking, it’ll see you and then it will all come […]

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    She held him captive by the neck, the base of his esophagus pressed tight to the space between her thumb and pointer finger. They had been at it for about a half hour and someone was bound to find his tiny body, […]

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    After heaving up several palmfuls of relatively normal stomach contents and then stumbling upon an out, this person looks at yuu and you look at them and it all becomes spactacularly clear that this evening is not […]

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    She served the fat of the meat in a seperate bowl, surrounded by an artfully placed handful of fresh spinach and a sprig of something herby atop its gelatinous middle. Next, she stirred a couple spoonfuls of […]