• When I saw the two of them together I immediately found it hard to breathe. I can’t explain it very well but the closest thing I could say is that it felt like someone took a sharp blade and slowly pierced my lung with it, all the while staring coldly into my eyes.

  • At first I thought he was wearing a headband but on closer inspection I realised it was a bandage.
    “What the hell happened to you?” I asked.
    He grimaced and for the first time I noticed a dark red stain that was spreading.
    “I don’t know” he replied weakly and fell to the floor.

  • It was so unfair. That evil little thing always got what I deserved. She ripped it right from my hands with her deceptive ways. Lies. They were all lies and I needed to find a way to get rid of her, no matter what it took.

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    Disregarded on the side on the road; it could barely lift its head.

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    Burning. I was burning. The stench of sizzling flesh consumed my senses until I couldn’t breath any more. Where was the pain though? Was this hell? Was I dead?

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    When we heard the torturous screams upstairs my brother and I would make a fort. The soft material from our beds would block out the terrible cries from the brother we had never met.