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    Tears streaming, cutting through the dirt of months of travel. His bitter words tore at his throat, threatening to consume every last shred of hope in him. “What is it that I lack?” He pounded a fist to his chest, the blow echoing in the near darkness of the clearing. “Why am I never good enough?”

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    The ford was a steady stream of activity this time of year. It was clogged with merchants and families alike, all trying to get to the capitol in time. The ferry was overcrowded, the stink of human bodies packed together cloying.

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    His wicked grin spurred on the demons riding in my own veins. It was nauseating how his recklessness lit a fire in my belly. His hands were deft as the can spun towards the door. A small flick, molten flame casting the dark room into shadows that caught in his teeth.
    “Careful,” He breathed, letting out a hiss from the can that ignited the night…[Read more]

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    Thade glance over his shoulder, the rhythmic tapping of the knife didn’t stop as he did so. He watched as Faolan stepped into the kitchen, rolling up the sleeves of his button up while scowling at the flat owner. A grin parted Thade’s lips, a childish thing. The other man grumbled wordlessly, a low tune pressing from his throat to express his…[Read more]

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    A smirk laced its way across her lips, tugging on the corners of her mouth like an excited child. Her eyes lit up with ecstasy and in that moment she became the madwoman he remembered. In that moment, she was completely in control yet so close to spiraling off into the abyss. With blood streaking its way through her hair, dripping into her eyes–…[Read more]

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    Trem’s fingers traced slowly over the gash in her side. Pain lanced through her stomach at the touch, reminding her that she as still alive. For the moment, she didn’t feel like it. She felt weak, stumbling through the building like a child lost and alone. She cursed under her breath, trying to calculate how much blood she’d lost already.

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    Even through the coarse nylon fibers in her suit, she could feel the heat rising to a broil under her fingers. The metal goraned, threatening to cave under her weight.
    “Just a bit longer,” she mumbled, words lost to the thick mouthpiece that covered the lower half of her face. The led lights flickered in her visor, alerting her to the dangerous…[Read more]

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    She stared at the smooth metal surface for a moment more, her green eyes flickering like distant flames as she contemplated the weight of the decision before her. White eyes watched her from his impassive face, snowy hair framing his strange angled features. His breath caught for a moment as she reached forward to brush her fingers across the orb.…[Read more]

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    The dust left a bad taste in her mouth, and the sun was shining too brightly making the whole street blinding and golden in a warm heart felt manner that she suddenly loathed. A part of her knew it had nothing to do with the sand on her tongue, or the angle of the light. The children playing before her seemed somehow offensive. They always did.…[Read more]

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    “I … never knew such a place existed.” She stood tall on the edge of the desert, wide green eyes scanning the horizon. It was incredible, vast, awe inspiring, and terrifying. She’s lived in the woods or valleys her whole life, the plains they’d had to cross on their way here were too open for her and even then she could see the mountains in the…[Read more]

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    He felt the edges of the world freeze for a moment, as if time itself was halting to savor the moment. Her beauty brightened so quickly, transformed by the warm– sincere smile that graced her soft lips. Once before he’d seen her smile so sweetly, when she’d first seen how happy Finn made her brother the love in her expression had been genuine.…[Read more]

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    Head tilted, the man watched carefully as Finn moseyed slowly to the edge. With a wicked grin, the flame haired man threw the ball off over the railing, watching it sail over the first few roof tops before hitting the ground out of sight. The man at his right, trying not to laugh, clapped him on the shoulder.
    “Alright, Finn, I think you’ve had…[Read more]

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    She grinned, a sickening expression that seemed to make the air grow colder. He squirmed trying to follow his captor as she slowly tip toed behind him, arms spread for balance like a ballerina; his efforts were rewarded by a sharp tug pulling tighter on the strap that held his head in place.
    “W-what are you doing?” He asked frantically, crying…[Read more]

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    She twisted the wire a little further, admiring the flexibility of the writhing form under her fingers. The motion of pain sending his lithe form into convulsions that played out like a symphony– all orchestrated by the wire she was feeding into the vein in his arm. She was such a fan of nerves, revealing in their complexity and ability to send…[Read more]

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    “If death had an aura it would be black.” The woman wheezed arrogantly, shuffling the papers before her into a pile. Thorn’s slender brow lofted above the silk wrap that covered her eyes.
    “Oh?” Her honeyed sweet voice begged an explanation. The woman scoffed, hacking for a moment before nodding.
    “Yes, black as night– blacker even, damned…[Read more]

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    “Care to live a life of intrigue?” His voice, soft and silky as the dawns light poured over her ears like fresh water to an open sore. After listening to the coarse laughter that seemed to follow her throughout the market, even feigned kindness was welcome.
    “Intrigue?” She asked, innocently enough with a small smile pulling at the corners of her…[Read more]

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    The rage echoed down the mountainside, punctuating the night with reverberating noise that shook the villagers in their beds. The dragon lashed out, tail whipping over Andraste’s head as she threw herself onto the dirt below the crest. She cursed under her breath, glancing up to see the crimson scales disappear over the ridge. She scrambled to her…[Read more]

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    She sat there, confused at the purpose of the cloth that covered the body of her father. The white fabric conformed to his still figure with strange contours of color. It must be very heavy. She thought numbly, […]

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    Dust caked his lips like the sunset that basked the earth around him in a gentle glow. He could taste the dirt coating his throat, sucked in despite his efforts to keep his mouth closed — panting made breathing […]

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    The echoes played off damp cave walls calling to her like ancient friends. A smile crossed her lips for a moment before it was ripped away by the grating sound of Finn’s voice behind her. “Damn bats.” He was […]