• Al commented on the post, spilled 5 years, 12 months ago

    Why did this have to happen to me? It’s the worst possible thing. I can’t believe Michaela spilled my secret to the whole school. I honestly regret ever being friends with her.

  • Al commented on the post, casting 6 years ago

    They finally called me back. I had been waiting for this for a very long time. They were casting roles for City of Bones and I auditioned. I hope I got it. Oh gosh, I hope I got it.

  • Al commented on the post, catapult 6 years ago

    My friend and I had to build a catapult. It was a long task. Many hours were spent trying to reach perfection. We worked and worked and finally reached what we thought was amazing. Our teacher thought different. Our pencil catapult was not a success.

  • Al commented on the post, lullaby 6 years ago

    I sang the lullaby to her silently. It had been three months since her father had died and before he passed, he taught it to me, telling me how it was the only possible way she could get to sleep. I don’t know how I will manage raising her on my own, but I know I will have to.

  • Al commented on the post, signed 6 years ago

    I finally signed the papers. I had been worried about them for the longest time. I was worried about what would happen, what people would think of me. But all those thoughts are gone now. Vanished, like the way the light leaves one’s eyes when they are dead and gone.