• The wind hadn’t picked up for hours, leaving the woods in a suspended state. The lake remained untouched, not a ripple forming against the glass-like surface. Such an eerie stillness was overwhelming.

  • Whether or not she was going to leave was the ultimate question. She knew too well that she had no reason to stay where she was. She was better off going where the wind went and watch life unfold in front of her. […]

  • She had one blanket in particular that she was fond of. It didn’t matter how long she had it or how old the ratty cloth was. Something about the texture of it against her skin made her feel safe. Whenever she felt […]

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    There was always a different side that she never took into consideration; the one that almost everyone else saw but her. All she wished for was for people to see from her point of view. “I’m just playing devil’s […]

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    Half of the glass was filled with milk and the other half with various liquors. He didn’t put any other thought into the drink other than that. With a quick stir, the interesting concoction was ready to be tested. […]

  • The tea had been freshly made, which contained a mix of spices and honey. Steeped for the right amount of time, the tiniest amount of milk was added for the perfect cup. All that needed to be done was to consume […]