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    Be patient. Those are words of wisdom, they are. Patience is a virtue for a reason.

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    He looked at himself in the mirror. Again, things were as good as they were gonna get. Mom smoking in her chair at the computer. Dad off to work at 4 a.m. Class all day and work til 9. Maybe he’d see somebody this weekend. but it didn’t look too promising.

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    Circle. Triangle. Oval. Rectangle. His pudgy hands slid the plastic shapes across the toy’s surface, searching for a fit. His mother watched patiently as he repeatedly slammed each shape in impatiance.

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    “Don’t mention it again.” I warned him because I was growing tired of hearing the same thing so many times. But he did. And we went in circles every time, never making progress.

  • Marriage? That’s one that people dismiss. But schools, those are noble institutions. Learning is the best activity one can ever partake in. You do it every day, whether you know it or not. Whether institution or not.

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    Don’t slouch, my mom says to me. It’s a bad habit, you don’t want to get into that bad habit. Sit up, please.

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    Spring has sprung. That’s what they say, right? No more winter, the little plants want nothing more than to break through the warming soil to let the sun shine on their faces. Green everywhere, a spring in everyone’s step as the doldrums come to an end at last.

  • We’re always looking for evidence. You want evidence that God exists. That man evolved from apes. You want evidence that the man you believe could not have been the murderer was elsewhere at the time of the crime.

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    One of those things you have to learn: how to manage an account. Money. Responsibility. It’s scary, right?

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    Mom says “Let’s try to rally”, like we’re some kind of team fighting for the win. But really, we have to be upbeat and active, to get this done. For someone else.

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    Thirst? How come you can’t quench your thirst with soda? A nice cold, overly-fizzy, nose-tingling soda? You try to chug it, and you feel like your chest will explode there’s so much carbonation in there. Believe me, I did it yesterday. And it wasn’t fun.

  • What’s that experiment called? Five degrees of separation? I’ve never actually tried it, but I’ve heard that it’s kind of crazy – we are all connected to each other by around five people, I find that really hard to believe, but I guess it must be true if everybody says so.

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    Sitting on the woven plastic chair, I feel the hot summer air melding my sweaty legs to the material. I stand up to find awkward criss-crosses covering the backs of my legs, my skin feeling similar to the plastic itself.

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    How do you approach someone you don’t know? Don’t ask me, I suck at it. I’m awkward, I try too hard not to be, and then it’s only worse.

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    She couldn’t tell who it was, they were too far away, the figure blurred by the heat of the rising sun. She squinted her tired eyes, hoping to focus her vision enough, but it was hopeless. She sat down to wait.

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    Click Clack. My best friend and I attempt to walk down the cobbled brick sidewalks of D.C. in our clubbing heels, getting stuck and having to go back more than once to retrieve a shoe. An adventure in itself, no? Looking this good isn’t easy.

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    “Can you guess which wand is whose?” I try to figure it out, hoping I won’t insult anyone by getting it wrong. But I seem to know already, and I know that these people will become good friends.

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    “We’re almost there.” That’s what parents always say. Of course when you’re a kid, the only concept of time you have is that it’s taking forever, and all you know is you don’t want to be in the car anymore. So a few minutes later, they say it again, and you don’t know the difference.

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    This is what I remember when my manager asks me to work in the photo lab at the store: the basic stuff. Needless to say, there’s generally of page: Manager call photo please! From me… oops.

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    My mom always tells us about the time when they lived in Venezuela and had mango trees in their front yard. She says she would eat and eat those mangoes until she had blisters around her mouth from all the acid, that’s how good they were. Amazing.