• the music played and we danced. we felt as if we were floating as we fluttered like butterflies across the dance floor, surrounded by the bobbling firefly glows of the cigarettes being smoked by those around us, an ethereal fog rising above our heads like mist on the moor.

  • relationships are really hard work. I mean REALLY had work. Unless you hammer out your expectations at the start you’ll be facing an uphill struggle for the rest of your life. Nightmare. Trust me.

  • setting is where something happens, the stage upon which your characters move, upon which their lives are played out. all the world’s a stage, a stage of life, part of a lifecycle that keeps going round and around, never ending, always moving on to not a conclusion.

  • morality mortality rate 100% we all die eventually. we all shuffle off this mortal coil. live every day as if it’s your last. leave only good in your wake. let your actions speak for you. words mean nothing if not backed up by action.

  • the things we do and say are subject to scrutiny by our own selves we have to judge for ourselves whether what we do is right or wrong good or bad how can anyone else tell us are we responsible for what we did in the past should we not just be judged on the […]

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    the edge over the edge over again into the void below, beneath the surface, bubbles rising silvery bubbles shimmering as they near the surface and pop spitting stars into the black sky above. diamonds. deamons. twinkling in the sky.

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    half a pint is enough to get me tipsy all wobbly legged as if they’re made of water instead of flesh and bone. head spinning stomach churning. laughing giggling. all over the place making a spectacle of myself a pair of glasses beer goggles.

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    last port of call the last place you’d ever want to end up hell on earth a shit hole a rat leaving a sinking ship never mind where he’s going it’s where we’re going that matters down to the depth with him davy jones make a stop on the way anywhere but here it’s too […]

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    couch something you sit on or lie on or sleep on something to hold you safe and sound while you watch the tv or escape to different worlds in a book, it’s something to hide behind when dr who comes on the telly. a place of safety. of comfort. of warmth.

  • crouching tiger hidden dragon never seen it probably only seen a snippet of advert subverting my mind telling me what to think what to want taking away my freedom and responsibility making cash from my MY dreams how fair is that consuming not producing over and over just using taking more and more and more

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    pouch on a kangaroo a little joey peeking out safe and protected from the harsh realities of the world outside a child who doesn’t know who to defend himself yet still relying on his mother for everything but soon will be branching out escaping.

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    bars. i thought it said bras! bought a whole stack of new ones the other day. went to the fitting room and had a lady measure me. wasn’t as bad as i’d thought it would be. my skin looked like lumpy porridge in the mirror, but the lady was kind and didn’t say a word.

  • am i really here. if a tree falls in the forest and no one’s there to see it can you still hear the birds screaming in pain. where is the wind coming from. where is it going to to. no one really knows its beginning or its end for it just goes around and around […]

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    you’ve got ants in your pants. that’s what my mum used to say to me when I couldn’t sit still. that’s what i say to my son when he’s bouncing all over the sofa and off the walls. i don’t know where he gets the energy from. always on the move. arms and legs going […]

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    ants are small, so tiny. but busy. hard workers, building, creating, caring, doing. on the go all the time, looking after the nest, each other. protecting, stinging, biting, not letting anything harm the eggs, the most precious of things to them, cutting, carrying, foraging, so busy, all the time.

  • avenue trees lining the sides branching off stretching into the distance. like a railway track. taking you off in directions and to destinations unknown. following the track with no way to get off it. no way to decide for yourself where you want to go.

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    silk so soft against my skin. slippery. sliding, tickling, gliding, makes gooseflesh and the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. a gift, his hands. rough, snag the material. lift it up, to reveal skin softer than silk, prepared for him, this way and that, like velvet now

  • I am sinking, drifting beneath the water lungs filling with salt and sweat and tears and i can’t breath, must breath, must get back to the surface. arms flailing, legs pumping, higher, higher, closer, lighter. eyes spotting, vision blurring. dying, drifting, falling, sinking.

  • transport. rapture off we go on a summer holiday taking us to places we’ve never seen before. been before. sun, see, sea, surf, sex. transport to a new world. a realm of new experience. a tired old life left behind. cast off. like a snake sheds its skin

  • missed the bus ran so fast to catch up but it was no use i couldn’t run fast enough. the consequences were disasterous. lost my job. lost my life. lost my love. all for ten seconds extra in the shower. it wasn’t supposed to happen like that. not fair. not fair at all.