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    i could smell it but for some reason it didnt registure. I also felt the pain, the heat and singeing of my skin. I could hear the crackling and uncontrollable noise. I was burning.

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    Not all love is eternal. Although we want to believe it is, its not. And this is exactly what i had to learn the hard way. This story begins in a small town in Illinois where I had just moved to be with my aunt. My parents had just recently died in an airplane crash.

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    signals are meant to show you what you are or arent supposed to do.. but during this time period they had a completely different use. Signals were more a positive symbol which was helped used to do something that was either illegal or looked down upon. This took me a while to figure out. To save you some time I’m going to explain to you what…[Read more]

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    The weakling is always the one left behind. The one forgotten or the one who is always put down. But in this case, the weakling is the one of the group with the advantage over the others. This weakling has the power to rise above everyone else and their expectations of what he is capable of. This weakling is ready to win.

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    The rattle of her bracelets were silenced. It was over. All of it. But somehow everything was just begininng.

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    Stacks and stacks of papers sat everywhere, you couldn’t even see the floor. In the middle of this whole mess was my mom. Her hair………..

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    I was convinced. I just knew that he was telling the truth. “Julia, don’t do this! Everything will change soon.” he said as the wind brushed his cheek and blew his hair around in the violent snowstorm. “Listen Pie. It’s too late.” That was it. And with saying that I jumped.

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    The pain from the fall shot through my arm up to my shoulder. Soon the pain was too intense I couldn’t take it anymore and let out a cry. A couple minutes later my mother found me and brought me to the doctors.

    Girl finds a written message on her cast that scares her???

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    It was gone! Just like that I had lost the last fifteen years of my life to someone I had never even met. I was so horrified that it took me at least five minutes to realize where I was and why exactly all this was happening. But to explain that to you, I’ll have […]

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    My thirst for the feeling of being loved was strong enough to pull a tidal wave. Since I had never experienced either of those, my hopes were pretty low.

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    In the world of fashion one of the largest and fastest growing trends across the world are scarves. Of course it may seem suprising that I would know this. Whenever people see my clothes they just laugh or walk away whispering to whoever accompanies them. I always mean to go get one of the new […]

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    I’ve made my choice and am now prepared to share my statement with the rest of the country. Well, not exactly the country but the majority of my grade that were forced to come by over protective parents or just waiting to see a canidate that was pathetic enough not to notice the laughing kids […]

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    I was so close! A couple more inches, a little more practice, or a little less food, I could have won. Almost?

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    I ripped off the tag, $8.99, a new high for my mom to spend on me. Pearls, diamonds, and clothes fit for royalty. Are you kidding? This isn’t a description of me, but of my mother who never truly loves me. Rags, plastic, and clothes fit for a poor peasant who had lost their way. […]

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    The fragrance of the daisies he got me for my birthday were beautiful. It really made me feel special, and that’s exactly what I need that warm June day. I’m a triplet, the quietest and most forgotten of the bunch. Yes my beauty did mesmerize some people temporarily. But only temporary. They would always expect […]