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    She had to backtrack until she found their old fort they had when they were little. Tears streamed down her face as she remembered playing house and making mud pies. She walked past it and found the old riverbed that dried up that they had swam in when they were little, too. But now that he was gone, they could never do anything together.

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    The temple was sacred ground and they knew that if they set one foot on the temple’s ground, they would be cursed. So the three of them did it anyone, because they were completely unsatisfied with their lives. As a result, they were cursed with eternal life.

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    He lived in the wilderness and so did she. They lived in different wildernesses though. He lived in a forest on a mountain with wolves and such. She lived in a lost island with leopards and coconuts. And even though they had never met, they somehow longed for one another.

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    Her footprint was small next to his own and he knew that it meant her time was fading fast. She was shrinking back down to her normal size and there was nothing he could do about it. She couldn’t stay there with him, but then he suddenly realized that he could shrink with her.

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    Hisdeath would be a reference to the young man for his entire life. He had witnessed his father being brutally murdered when he was young and was left to fend for himself. Now, he would remember that night for the rest of his life and go out doing the same thing to all of the bad men in the world to make up for never trying to help his father.

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    The small child loved airplanes and he wanted to fly them one day, not understanding that he would have to go to school to do so. He loved them though he had never been on one and probably never would.

    But as a grown man he hated them with a passion. They took everything he cared most about far from him, and when he rushed to the airport on…[Read more]

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    They fought all the time. He could never stop them and he probably wouldn’t if he was given the opportunity. They were, after all, fighting over him.

    She for love, and he for his safety, they fought over this small child for a very long time. And the boy knew the fighting would only end when one of them was dead.

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    She hated dating. It seemed pointless to her. She didn’t understand the point of going out and eating or seeing a movie with someone whom you feel you could fall in love with easily and then maybe get married a little ways down when you could do that with your friends and not have to worry about your heart getting thrown in the dirt at the end.

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    Her life was void of happiness and she brought pain upon everyone because of it. She had no friends and her family acted as though she did not exist. She was dark but her eyes were a bright blue and she hated it. She felt as though the lightness made her overall dark look meaningless. Yet the thing she desired most in the world, was one joyful memory.

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    They left me there to rot. I had to stay by myself before but this time was worse. I had always thought they would stay with me until I asked them to leave but they left when I needed them most. I wandered in the dark alleys until I found even the slightest sort of light. But the light I saw was what led me to my death, in the end.

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    Her heartfelt apology was a lie and I knew it. She never cared about anyone, and never could. She was empty inside and no matter what she did, she would always be like that. So when she poured her heat out and cried to me to forgive her, I couldn’t, and I knew I would never be able to. She was a liar and there was nothing anyone could do to change it.

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    “I have leverage, and you will do as I say, because of said leverage. Think of it as a guarantee that I will get what I want.”
    I cowered in my seat as the man towered over me. His hand grazed my upper thigh and he held me onto my seat.
    “You would be smartest to do as I say, young man. I have powerful people and my once you hear what my leverage…[Read more]

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    Everything is possible, I whispered to myself.
    If I believe it is, then it is, right? Possibilities are endless with that kind of mindset and I was sure I had what it takes. Or maybe I just believed it was possible for me to think like that when it reality I didn’t. But who knows. Everything is possible.

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    She was level-headed until it came to her brother. She loved her brother and she had raised him practically his entire life. If someone were to insult him in anyway she would lose her mind and her coolness vanished in a hot fit of rage.

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    She sat still with her hands tied behind her back. Tears streamed down her face and men stared at her hungrily. She wasn’t afraid. She was only upset she wouldn’t make it home for dinner. Six years she had been married, and they still had dinner every night and never missed it. Perhaps she would have to kill this men, but either way she’d be late.

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    She didn’t believe in prayer. Her mother had, but when she prayed to be saved, she still died. So all she could do was hope. She couldn’t pray. She believed in hope more, anyway. To her, praying was asking for someone to help you and hoping was asking yourself to help, instead.

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    The stairway was dark and musty and there were old footprints on the steps. I glanced around me, to make sure I was alone, and then made my way downward. As the dust was disturbed, it got harder to see and I slipped, falling down the stairway, hitting my head. I woke up hours later in an unfamiliar place.

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    She was an overt listener and allowed people to tell her what they knew about a certain subject or a specific person. But she didn’t like it. She loved to learn but she hated it, as well. Her life was a contradiction, and she hated it, yet she loved the feel of it.

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    He was grateful for everything his mother had done for him in the past. He was grateful that she hadn’t walked out on him like his father had, he was grateful that she had never given up on him, he was grateful that she took care of him and stood by him when he was angry and hard to deal with.

    But he wasn’t grateful enough to return the favor.

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    Taffy was her favorite thing to eat. She ate taffy all the time. It was almost the only thing she ever ate, with the except of breakfast foods and a few types of fruits. She was a picky eater and the only way you could get her to try something new was if you offered taffy afterward.