• Hannah W posted an update 8 years, 5 months ago

    Here is the rest I wrote about the word Existence:

    He sent His Son to me. Born to Die.
    His Son came down from His throne,
    and became a man, like me.
    I had no idea who He was and what He would do.

    He lived normally, a son of a carpenter.
    He grew up and taught others of His Heavenly Father.
    He talked to hundreds at once, and fed them with miracles.
    I was full of awe.

    All too soon, the day came. Though millions spoke of His miracles,
    People also spoke of His ‘false claims’.
    Those people wanted to kill Him, or find fault in Him,
    but they could not find anything to kill or arrest him with.

    In the night, they took Him to the court
    The people had let the murderous man, Barabbas, go free
    in trade for Him. They were going to kill Him.
    I was afraid. More afraid than ever.

    They beat Him. They tore His clothes. They mocked Him.
    He was perfect. He was Holy. He didn’t do anything.
    They whipped Him and made Him carry a wooden cross to a hill.
    He would hang upon that cross with nails in His feet and hands.

    Blood ran from His wounds. They put a thorny crown on His head
    to mock Him. I couldn’t help but cry.
    And then He lifted His head and breathed His last.
    But I had no idea what He had done to deserve this.

    He stayed in that tomb for so long… 3 whole days.
    Then, the amazing life-changing point came:
    He rose from the dead! He took the death penalty
    I deserved, so that I can live with Him and His Father FOREVER!

    He went back to Heaven, where He is now waiting for me.
    Until then, I shall sing about His goodness and work towards
    His lifelong goal of: Reaching the Lost, Sharing His Father’s Love,
    and giving His Father ALL the glory!

    This is my life, my existence.