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    It’s a ambiguous feeling, that moment of limbo between fanfare and the gloom of obligation. There are times when I wake so early that the sun is still down and there is a crisp in the air that is felt inside of my home. In those moments, I seem to have fun in whatever I do. This is counter to the exhilaration I feel while engaged in a little…[Read more]

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    “Ahoy Matey!: Came the call crashing down as waves tided over us. It lorded all the sailors on the wooden panel deck and with it came a rush of order and calm. I looked out upon the vicious waves, towards are impending doom. Everyone could see the tip and know that there was solace in deep refreshing death in the iceberg.

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    There is a legend going around the cities alleys. It talks about a young girl, by the name of Le Serco. Some have confused her with the television personality of Korra but they were as distinctive as water and earth. She was a master chef, brought the elements to her wok with molecular gastronomy ahead of her own cities technology.

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    Milk laddle rocking on a table. A small puddle of spoiled milk lying in the cradle. Big dipper, little boy drummer in the sky. We’ve been left too long outside. It’s live now or…time.

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    The cesspool of the swamp my family called my inheritance was a little more than I, a city-dwelling lawyer could stand. I had grown up envisioning a large tract of land, nothing close to a paradise, but something tenable at the very least. A fly swam into my mouth left agape. Southern Hospitality had a different meaning here and gave rise to a…[Read more]

  • -nd I was saying to therapist at the table, “Why do you always have to psychoanalyze me.” They looked at me tellingly, an inside joke shared amongst the three at the table with me: Some sitting at a higher chair than others, and others separated by tables themselves; I couldn’t get a word in edge-wise until my friend, the therapist, calmed his…[Read more]

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    Meet cute, a deep rooted classroom friendship has grown to this off-campus huddle over soup. The button nosed Tamil girl eats the hot-pot slowly and I fall into the depth of her ladle like one of those coriander flakes. She winces minutely when I bring up karaoke, a cute affect to subtlely let me know that I’m just a herb to tint the bite.

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    Encompassed by and sheltered into a shell of expectation. Like a tortoise, I retreat into a form that people think more accepting. Creativity and innovation is at my center but I’m closed off by internal barriers of social propriety, tact, society’s “role of the male,” and emotion. Further enclosed by external barriers of form, body, skin tone,…[Read more]

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    The hoe drudged through the mud of the swamp land.
    “We can’t field here Josef.”
    “We have to.”

    The day was long for these Swampland farmers. They would continue to toil amongst the fetid rot of the languished trees and burned-out homes. All for the chance for renewal, for an unexpected bounty.

  • I sat with my knees bare on those granite floors for over a year till the skin wore through the fabric and I was as skinny as a twig. Most bow before the lord who say he’s God but I knelled. I begged like so many for an answer, pleading for a purpose.

  • The colonel put pen to paper and started the letter of recommendation.
    “A fine young lad…” He paused, unable to muster up any more of a description without spewing out a lie. So he took it home with him, to write in his leisure but it remained on his coffee table for quite some time. Finally, as the paper began to peel and moss had grown over…[Read more]

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    Where do my creative juices go? Do they roll down the nerves in my fingertips, drool unto the keyboard, seeping into the recesses of the keys and flow down into the computer? There is a texture that acts like a map. Like denim jeans they have grooves and purposeful wears. As a texture, we act into it, as we have contact with it. Where does my…[Read more]

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    How can things be expected to be brisk when the best is expected? It seems contrary to think this way. Really what you seek is the best possible product or project given the time allotted. Wouldn’t that support cutting corners? Efficiency is now the most efficient appearance of the best possible product.

    – This is a journal entry from a…[Read more]

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    The saliva cooled on the adhesive strip before Alexandria had a chance to seal it. “Shoot!” She sighed, hand upon cheek as she gazed out onto the lively street though the window of her office. She pictured old corner newspaper boys and women stepping down from carriages. Horse hoofs clucking on the cobblestone road, a few girls running and top…[Read more]

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    One step from here to freedom, and one loose brick to send me back down into my punishment. That’s the thought that’s kept me from scaling those low walls. Even with the hellish prison reality, I can’t seem to overcome my fear of failure. I toss at night thinking about it, pick at my skin and it chips off. Turns out I’m as slimy as they claim.

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    They loomed above me, so that I was like a flea amongst a quiver of arrows. Is there the possibility that these pines could be used so by a being at the nigh of our contemplation? These organic beings merely constructed tools. It puts things into perspective, even by considering the improbable. This forest of pines loses its mystery.

  • It was an exodus of biblical proportions, the land had been scoured and now the life left the land. My family hadn’t been inconvenienced as much as others I knew. I’d heard that Yorgen had just spent his life savings on something he had to leave behind. Sara left her father’s grave. Dartaniel had been successful there. We were all displaced…[Read more]

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    Should I believe that flames can be eternal? Woes so succinct from sin that one poisoned action can be judged. If such a thing existed, would not all tormented beings, short of been given the chance to contemplate his torment in some existential tally, be doomed to hell? That is what some doctrines believe and they teach to justify this, or do…[Read more]

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    The drought caused the crops to wither and grow black. John’s labours had been disrupted only months before during the last days of winter but once again nature was a malevolent force. As a Canadian he had wrestled with this notion as his life, in his readings and in his work. Now, as an American farmer, he could no longer dodge his heritage.

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    My first notion is to write about a state senator smuggling his paraphernalia and hiding his habits but they’ve had enough attention. Shouldn’t we all have our eccentricities and be allowed a transgression or two? Obviously not in the criminal sense but too often have non-criminal non-normative habits been found and publicized, what a politicians…[Read more]