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    I made an impact in people’s expectations of me. Their doubt is extinct, all that’s left is a crater of my coming to. I woke up in the blitz that took me, a swirling storm of bills and trauma. Well, what do you think of me now? The answer flies away in the wind, I’ve already left.

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    I slip into the seaside view, a daydream to take me away from this didactic boredom. This pedagogical pedigree brought down upon me, lecturing me with a unreasonable force – disallowing debate. Do I sit and open my ear, turn it so as to tune in a better sound? Or do I bow and scrape to every instruction. I wish to simply leave – to escape to this…[Read more]

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    Sift through emotions to find that golden nuggets. Invest in yourself and it will bring you emotional and situational awareness. A fisher-person perfecting their technique is suddenly you, who navigates peers, individuals, and strangers. You who is come to for advice and you who deescalates situations.

  • We end this story how we began. The scenes are juxtaposed. Similar in almost every panel, every syllable but different in the most minute – but perceptible images. Footprints to handprints. Dust to ash. We look out into the Van Gogh night and see swirling stars and harsh swirls amidst jagged bold streaks. We cannot ever conceive of a happy ending.…[Read more]

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    How poignant, to be confronted with the most fitting word to describe a lack thereof. Like quicksand, I fall into its comfort and I am drowned by grain. I seek to practice good habits but I fall into the same old habits. I know to be mindfull, I must gather up the courage. I know I must be courageous to ever have my mind full of wisdom. I may lack…[Read more]

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    Subway bullet trailing through the vacuous tunnels. I see the light reflected off the opaque walls to my left. It ushers the coming of the train in the deep of the metro. An announcer soothes us with their sweet voice, and tells us to step back lest we be in dangers way. Well I know the way. I watch the train from the corner of the platform,…[Read more]

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    He hung plates on his wall. The circular decorations made his walls vibrant and every guest saw landscapes in the porcelain mirrors. They were from an upscale dining store in Manulife Center.

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    We took the ferry across Ontario Lake to Center Island in my hayday. It was a crisp morning with the fog just nipping at my skin. I had a friend there with me, the son of my mother’s co-worker. In ten years, I’ll meet him and we will look at each other and say that we recognize each other – but nothing will come of it. We spend the entire day at…[Read more]

  • A wedding is a solemn ceremony, formulated at the end of Rennaisance. It started with the dowry as the original ritual; however, as that no longer applied to modern relationships, it developed into the ceremony of the exchange of rings. Further, elucidated, this ceremony included the solemnization by a priest – who, by power of the Church, made it…[Read more]

  • I’ve adapted to this modern existence. Tied my shoes. Avoided addiction. Yet I still fill unfulfilled, perhaps its because I’m a millennial, perhaps it’s because I’m just a regular 20 something year old, perhaps I’ve yet to ever achieve a gold. Never been at the peak, just falling in the medium. I kind of have to say that’s okay. I’m coming to…[Read more]

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    St. Ives sent the shipment of blood stones, down through the gully bay of East Indover. Terribly wrong about the facts of the weird world where green dreams are not but assertions of truth or falsity. Who brings down those barrow shipments but the pirates off of Somalia’s bay, but are there not pirates found elsewhere? Perhaps its a reiteration of…[Read more]

  • You’re in court. An observer to the criminal act that the law is trying to thwart. Provoke them, reach into the stress of it all and prepare your report. Let your mind be your own resort. Do not let vicarious details ever distort. You’re your own escort and the backdrop to this trial.

    Absorb the lessons terribly old,
    feel your back drop into…[Read more]

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    I will not be chewed up and sit out by a world of cynicism because I am left unconvinced by the sin that’s left within them. See, I never felt the utmost pain but I got close and the fact no one knows Is a damn shame. I am shamed, by history and race. I rage inside but I must sublimate. Because no one will have sympathy, I should have no platform,…[Read more]

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    It came suddenly and render the world tumultuous. Riling up institutions and monarchies in the early 2000s. The millennial generation swept the world by storm in an age where people were still afraid of the Y2K scandal. The millennials, those upstarts with their shortened lingos and linguistic shortcuts did not appreciate the time honored…[Read more]

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    Amadeus, Amadeus, Amadeus preen into my ear. Whisper me your lullaby when I’m soft asleep. So sayeth ye all. Lull me during my terrible twos and teach me the way of this world with your neoprene melodies. Soft…I wonder and lo, I search for you a yonder.

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    I slipped on the muck that shot onto my jacket from the McAdam. The driver smiled his devilish grin as he neared the puddle next to my sidewalk. As the slush drenched me head to toe, I send him my warmest goodbyes.

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    The sellotape spins its revolutions in front of me; inside of the plastic container of my family’s old cassette. The Japanese synth from the 1980s’ resounds through the air yet dulls when it reaches my modern sense of taste. The beats lose their veracity. The rhythm loses its velocity. The hook loses its viscosity. The history of my family is…[Read more]

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    Over months that became years, Madel and her brother came to understand more clearly the misery that had befallen their town. The damage was irreparable and sharp, and rendered hopes of rebuilding nearly obsolete. Theirs was a story of desolation and catastrophe, and it was merely a testament to their collective spirit that they were able to dream…[Read more]

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    The first time I felt a genuine pain was when I broke my arm. I was six years old and I did not have the capacity to understand what was happening to me- there was a snap, a crack, and then a bright hot blindness that overtook the sun and the grass and all memories. There was only the pain, all consuming. It was almost beautiful.

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    It does more harm than good to tell a white lie. For the thief of time is the worst thief of all. A white lie suffocates the truth and smothers it with tantalizing and soft down-feather blankets. If you do not seek to harm the person, you should not distort their perception of reality with a lie so white, it’s blinding.