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    `What am I doing? How will I survive in this desert? Will I get into the school that I applied for? How will I get back to her? Back to her touch, her smell, her voice? Will I ever be able to say goodbye? Or will they find my bones in 50 years and wonder who I was?` The man`s vision became blurry, his breath shallow, he could feel his hands like…[Read more]

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    Your skin touching my skin, the sheets that are rolling in between us, the movement of our bodies, your lips touching my lips, the muscles contracting, my breath goes faster, but not as fast as yours, my hair gets caught underneath the pillow, your sudden laughter, more kisses, you bite me, ouch Sometimes I forget, I always felt safe and sound in…[Read more]

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    End. Fin. Sfarsit. In any language the end is the end. `But seriously what happens after?` The little girl couldn`t understand that the end is actually the point of no return as her mother was telling her. She knew in her fresh mind that things can`t possible just `end`. That day she set up a goal in her mind: to prove to everybody that the end…[Read more]

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    she didnt know where she was going. she didnt know who her friends were or what love meant. she just wished she knew. she wished that somebody would invent a compass to guide her in life. she felt lost and scared. All these thoughts invaded her mind. Her hands were freezing and she knew that she had to make a choice or else she would die. She did…[Read more]

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    ‘Dont cry, dont even think to cry. Crying is weak’. I have heard that all my life, until now. I have the power. I say yes, I say no. I decide when I let my emotions go free.
    He just looked at me. He knew that nothing will be the same. A tear fell on his cheek.