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    “Look, guys, this game only works if you answer.”

    “Oh, uh-”




    “Frick, Renji you’re still not answering, that’s cheating. I’m gonna’ peek if you don’t quit it.”

    “He’s underwater, man.”

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    Ikkaku laughed as the town burned around him. His heavy footsteps practically shook the ground as he and his clan pillaged the helpless human settlement. There was screaming and lots of little people running, trying to save their homes, but in vain.

    All he wanted was gold, and maybe some sheep to eat.

    It all went awry when he showed up… a…[Read more]

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    Yumichika sighed, picking up stray socks off their tablelamp, shoving red plastic cups inside of a black garbage bag. Ikkaku was passed out on the couch, sleeping with his mouth open. Not surpised, Yumichika dodged the wet area of carpet under his boyfriend’s head, sticking his foot out and shoving Ikkaku’s face a little to move him back onto the…[Read more]

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    It wasn’t their style to be dirty in public. In fact, they hardly ever held hands in front of people, yet here they were in the library, Ikkaku with his pants around his knees. They were supposed to be working on a term paper, but had abandoned the work when Ikkaku got riled up by Yumichika’s ‘better-than-you’ talk.

    Now they were playing a game…[Read more]

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    Yumichika didn’t like bears. He’d much rather have a kitten or a fox pup, but the stupid bear baby wouldn’t stop following him. He actually felt some cruel urge to kick the thing to keep him away from their campsite, and he barely restrained himself from strangling Ikkaku when he fed it.

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    All the men in Yumichika’s life were like fire. Zaraki was a volcano, Ikkaku was a hot-head, Ichigo was a spit-fire, and Renji’s head actually looked like it was aflame.

    He, along with Rukia, ironically, were a few of the only people who could ever cool them down.

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    They were much too old to build a pillow fort, really they were, but Yachiru was with them, so they of course obeyed.

    They built a fort out of bodies on the battlefield, blood making a moat, and it was truly sickening to see how much fun they’d had. When they went home, Yachiru wanted to play again, so they did.

    Gathering all her love-toys,…[Read more]

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    Ikkaku’s life had always been simple. All he’d needed was beer in his mouth, his sword in his hand, and blood under his nails. He was content in roaming, killing, and never laying in the same place for more than one night.

    Still, his life seemed complete the moment he added the special ingredient. After that, his life had become insanely…[Read more]

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    Yumichika’s life was never based on being honest. He’d gone on being dirty and hungry for ages, earning money doing the most horrible things. He’d met a wonderful man and had been his friend for centuries, but secrets were Yumichika’s specialty still.

    The one thing he absolutely could not do, even when he was about to die, was simply to tell…[Read more]