• I am ravenous for some juiciness in my life!
    I am ravenous for the sweet, the erotic, the profoundly meaningful.
    My dreams are shadows spilling over into my waking life,
    ravenous for the light of truth, the brightness of beauty, and
    for the need of pleasure made manifest.
    I am ravenous for my wild woman energy to satiate my soul.
    I am…[Read more]

  • gypsypriestess commented on the post, delve 6 years, 3 months ago

    I delve into the murky depths
    trusting that I will be able to see
    the treasure that has been waiting
    for eons, in the darkness
    for me to find and set free.

  • Some women attempt to captivate….
    with exotic charm and irresistible beauty.
    Some desire to influence others with power or womanly wiles….
    Though, I could, and quite possibly, do,
    I find that it more fulfilling to captivate myself!
    My thoughts weave a charming spell of magick, beautiful, and wise woman ways which appeal to every level…[Read more]

  • She opened up fully to the energies of love…
    releasing all her fears and doubts
    she bloomed
    in ways she had not yet imagined she could.

    She felt the power of love and beauty
    awaken and unfold within her…
    and she bloomed gracefully
    and she bloomed fragrantly
    and she bloomed abundantly
    and she blossomed
    into the woman she always…[Read more]

  • gypsypriestess commented on the post, meow 6 years, 3 months ago


    m e o w …

    my eyes open willingly.

    my ears obey wishes.


  • gypsypriestess commented on the post, raven 6 years, 4 months ago

    Raven hair swirls like clouds in the night….
    Raven eyes shine like illuminated ebony stars.

    Raven calls to my deepest heart: “awaken, awaken” –
    Raven whispers magick and mystery and secrets, too.

    Raven flies in my dreams, carrying me to far away places.
    Ravens gather in my yard each morning and follow me as I walk.

  • I am submerged beneath my soul wisdom
    moving through the depths of dark and light.

    I am submerged beneath my conscious thought
    traveling through the rivers of manifestation.

    I am submerged beneath my layers of being
    dancing with and weaving the fibers of my truth.

    I am submerged beneath the energies of the sky and earth
    flowing with…[Read more]

  • I delight in pleasing my self.
    I delight in sensual and erotic experiences.
    I delight to walk with naked feet upon the Earth.
    I delight to dance sky clad under the full moon light.
    I delight breathing in the scent of flowers, trees and fruit.
    I delight tasting the nectar of honey and the flavor of you.
    I delight seeing a flaming sunset catch…[Read more]

  • I have magickal stories yet untold…

    Stories of wild and passionate whims –
    of sweet and melodic musings,
    profound dreams, omens and ghost stories.
    Stories of travels, and moonlight, and the wooded mountains…

    I have stories of lovers, of passionate kisses shared –
    and the stories of my undoing would take a life time to write.

    The…[Read more]

  • I choose love.
    I choose hope.
    I choose freedom.
    I choose life.

    I choose magick.
    I choose mystery.
    I choose unfolding.
    I choose thriving wildly.

    I choose all the good.
    I choose all the passion.
    I choose all the art and sex and poetry.

    I choose everything that enhances my life.
    I choose the blessings and the lessons.
    I choose…[Read more]

  • gypsypriestess commented on the post, teach 7 years ago

    I teach from a sacred place…
    I offer up the holiest truths of my being and share them nakedly with other women so they can remember who they are. I teach the ways of beauty, and the wisdom of the Goddess. Listen dear sistars, and awaken your mystery and magick.

  • gypsypriestess commented on the post, breath 7 years, 1 month ago

    my breath is sacred
    in and out, a constant prayer
    my breath is a holy connection
    between me and spirit

  • gypsypriestess commented on the post, before 7 years, 1 month ago

    before I uncovered my authentic self
    I hid behind fear, I flirted and cried.
    but this was before
    I discovered my true power of being a woman!

  • gypsypriestess commented on the post, begin 7 years, 1 month ago

    … I begin
    with a subtle kiss
    like a scent on the wind.

  • gypsypriestess commented on the post, claim 7 years, 1 month ago

    I claim my power.
    I claim my beauty.
    I claim my worth.
    I claim my sovereignty.

    I claim today.
    I claim my dreams.
    I claim my sacred space.
    I claim my self.

  • despite being alone
    i am flourishing
    in the garden of my life.
    despite being a crone
    i am blossoming
    to the delight of my soul.

  • … in the silence of the night
    the stars sustain my dreams
    so when the day breaks I can live them.

  • gypsypriestess commented on the post, misty 7 years, 3 months ago

    misty mornings waking from dreams
    encircling memories shroud my mind…

    misty nights rousing my imagination
    stripping me naked of limited reality.

  • gypsypriestess commented on the post, key 7 years, 3 months ago

    the key to life is remaining open…
    keep your heart unlocked and trust in love.

    the key to dying is to simply close the door.

  • i no longer need the bandages
    I’ve used to cover the wounds
    hidden behind my eyes
    my ears
    my heart
    my soul
    Today they were removed
    and discarded
    Healed are the hurts that others did not see
    Soothed are […]