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    Blood began to run down his scalp, caught by his eyebrows. “Hey when did I get this,” Clide wondered; but it was too late, he began to feel dizzy, his vision started to blur but somehow he could see a beautiful white light that made him feel golden inside. He collapsed to the ground searching for the light in a dream he would never awaken from.

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    When shrouded in darkness with no place to go
    you wander aimlessly with no destination in mind
    you begin to se a glimmer of light it begins to shine
    Now you have direction but will you make it to your destination in time?
    who knows whether the light will disappear?
    who knows if the light is just a mirage or a figment of your…[Read more]

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    I knew a man once. His name was Chuck; from our talks I learned he dreamed of starting a production company, but his actions told me otherwise. When chuck got a little money he would spend it on frivolous things like baseball hats when he only had a few dollars to his name, his actions and aspirations were incongruent. I met chuck while I was in…[Read more]

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    The couple spent all evening adorning the tree in preparation for the ay to come. All night they stayed up and talked about their issues and how they felt about certain experiences. Slowly their issues became settled and they realized how foolishly they’ve acted. Their came an awkward science between the two, partially from sleep deprivation and…[Read more]

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    He heard mumbling, it was coming from the bathroom, the door slightly perched open. Carefully he crept toward the door and peered through the crack, making sure to go unnoticed. There was only one person in the bathroom, it was Janice, she was naked standing in front of a mirror leaning on the countertop in front of it; he could only get a glimpse…[Read more]

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    Leverage, its a powerful thing that comes in many forms. Most people fail to realize it when it has it’s influences, but once you have an eye for it, its everywhere. It could be the boy prodding his mother to buy candy at a gas station, utilizing the leverage of love. It could be the mugger pointing a gun at an unsuspecting victim, relying the…[Read more]

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    It was an undeniable feeling, the way she walked, the way she talked, the way her hair bounced around like miniature slinkies even when she was still. I would walk to school in the mornings, hoping to see her along the way so we could chat, even if it were only a few words. Wether the feeling was mutual, I wasn’t sure, I was never taught the…[Read more]

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    That morning, when people normally would be going about they’re daily commute to work, the community stood distraught in front of the defamed statue. Its lustrous surface marred by graffiti, and vandalism. The arm that once stood tall, dismembered from its body. Who could do do such a thing?

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    There was a loud crashing noise. Ensued by an unbearable shaking that reacquainted everyone to the floor. I heard cries of agony and pain, the kind of cries that are unmistaken by the ear of any man or woman. Never had such a terror stirred in my heart. I became paralyzed and disoriented, my vision had become red. Windows shattered, ceilings…[Read more]

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    Day after day the men labored, carefully placing brick upon brick. The arduous task was enough to discourage the workers, so during the workday they invented way to circumvent the ennui, singing songs that once belonged to their era. Soon the men came to realize their similarities outnumbered their differences and day by day, month by month, brick…[Read more]

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    “If you dare tread into those woods,” she began “beware that you may not return” she paused looking around for eavesdroppers, “and if you do return, don’t expect to be the same innocent boy you are now.” Obviously she knew nothing of me, this innocent face is merely an appearance, a byproduct of youth, she had no clue as to the inner abyss the…[Read more]

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    It pained me to bear witness, but I couldn’t get involved no matter what happend. I wanted to leave but there was also something drawing me to the spectacle, like a deep almost hidden curiosity being satisfied at last. I watched intently as Doran, piece by peace, destroyed the mans will, the way a jackhammer would destroy a brick wall. Soon he…[Read more]

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    I am a seeker of the truth, my search has taken me many places. I’ve been to the other side of the world and back, I’ve looked in books, in places, and in people for the underlying truths that govern reality. My journey has been epic, I’ve fought many battles, I’ve suffered many times, I’ve shed blood, tears and sweat; And now, my destination has…[Read more]

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    The boy tried to covertly slip past the movie attendant, and almost managed, until a girl who seemed his age noticed and asked her mother, “Mommy, why cant we get one of the tickets he has?” pointing in the direction of the culprit. Overheard by the attendant, he looked toward the direction of the young boy and barked, “Hey you!” The two’s eyes…[Read more]

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    he overtly signaled for help, waving his hands over his head shouting,”Hey, I’m right here! please, help me!” his face sunk as the helicopter flew by. The gleam of hope in his eye had become just as distant as the helicopter that unknowingly pasted him. His heart became overridden with dispair, he crawled into the corner of what now seemed to be…[Read more]

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    The soda bottle blasted into the sky and shot up so high we almost lost sight of it. This was the best summer of my life, although I knew it would end with my parents getting divorced and moving apart from each other; there was something exciting about it, the uncertainty, the mysterious place we’d be travelling to carry on our lives. All the…[Read more]

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    The seasons passed, the once lively tree that invigorated the small community had withered. The children no longer danced around the tree playing their daytime games. The men no longer gathered at nighttime drinking beer and singing the anthems they once used to sing. The loss of the great tree was like losing an elderly member of your family,…[Read more]

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    I also wanted to tell her all the things I’ve been thinking of lately. Did she know how much I was inflicted? No matter ephemeral the exchange, what she had done was devestating.

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    She says “I’m also going to the concert today”
    But little did she know what was in store for the later that day, he life would be forever changed…