• She looked up at the watchtower. She had never done that before. All she could remember was being chained like an animal in that tiny room for years on end. They beat her, the starved her, they used her…but it was all ok now, she was looking up.

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    I was just telling people last night that the only thing that makes me happy at times is Cake Batter…chapstick! Chapstick of all things. It’s the little things in life that can bring a smile, or warm a heart. We don’t have to dwell on all the negativity if we can just find ONE good thing in each day.

  • The only thing I can think of is that she is scared. all her texts, her emails, her nasty comments…the thing most anyone would derive from all of it is she is crazy, but me…I see a scared little lamb.

  • Oh when my creativity peaks I want to stay up for hours and write and write. The problem is I want to get crafty, too and I envision all the things I want to make. Usually it’s the middle of the night and i can’t find the place that is open…nor do I have enough hands to do everything that i want!

  • I watched as his body shook but yet was almost still. I still don’t know why he thought he could stick a butter knife in the toaster but he did. Good thing my mum saw him and screamed or he may be gone.

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    I couldn’t stand it any more. Every time I was with him, i was sick. there was something about him that just wasn’t right. He was funny as all hell and kept me laughing the whole time. They weren’t just knee slappers, but actual gut wrenching funniness!

  • I wanted to hurt him. I wanted to kiss him. I was on the border of love and murder. I hated that he hurt me in every way possible but yet I still loved him with every piece of my broken heart. There was no thinking, I just had to go with my gut.

  • UGH daylight savings time, time changes, eastern vs western time…it all befuddles me. I just want to stay awake and talk to my friends but if I am on the east coast, i need to sleep way before them and if on the west I am awake after them. I need to be in the middle I suppose.

  • All I can think about is my pounding head, but yet I am here. Writing. How can I deal with this day after day? The drive to write over powers my aches sometimes. I don’t understand the pounding headache. I think I was given a lemon at birth…a lemon head.

  • It was sunset on the beach but the night was different, crisper, almost cinematic. I could feel the people around me, but they didn’t matter. It was all slow motion as the sun set, the waves came in, and the sailboat glazed across the horizon.

  • Oh what an unfaithful, unloyal, bitch. I cannot believe that she would go to him for treats instead of me! It just shows where a dog’s loyalty is! she loves us both, but he has BACON!! So much for the milk bones. I tried.

  • All day, the sun was shining, the waves were braking on the rocks, it was actually pretty toasty. Now, the surf has come in more with the wind that with the boats and it’s brisk. I can feel the winter chill moving in. i am not thrilled with this notion.

  • It wasn’t like baking for hours, it was only a few minutes but still the pink has turned to a light brown and you can tell it’s a bit crispy. Oh beach, I wish I knew how to refrain from being overcooked every time I get near you! But I can’t stay away

  • It wasn’t his affection I was seeking, it was just sex. I didn’t want love, I didn’t want sweetness, I wanted to get off. I gave up long ago on Love. Why is it that when I just want sex, guys want relationships?