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    The last time i smiled was a long time ago. The last time i did it were were hanging out in the park on the last warm day of the year. A week later, the accident occurred. Your life vanished from mine and i had no one else to turn to. Still sitting in the park, its been a year later and i can’t smile with out you.

  • I declined the interview, the job seemed out of my reach. The job was hard, and the description made no sense. Why go out of my way to perform tasks that would embarrass me in the end. The job was hard. Cum scrubber.

  • Swimming, ever faster but getting pulled out farther and farther. Past the buoy, past the seagulls, past the speed boats breaking speed records. The drag gets stronger, the pull doesn’t fade. Past the shipping channels and the blue whales. In to the heaps of garbage, and over the edge of the world.

  • Deranged? Sometimes i think i am. I have this amazing ability to sabotage myself at every great leap forward that i take. Either socially, or academically, or both. What is wrong with me? Why do i put myself in to a situation where i can never see the other end.

  • He took one last gulp. The whiskey drained down his throat. He sighed and fell back knowing his time was up. Alone, in a room all his own. He looked across the empty bed. The woman he loved was no longer there. Just an imprint. He closed is eyes picturing her though the ages.

  • I once witnessed myself fall from the tops of university dorms. When i hit the ground, it was softer then i expected. The alcohol of the 40oz saved my life on more then one occasion, but now the line of powder was destroying it.