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    i walked along the lover’s bridge, looking out over the Siene, and felt more lonely than I ever had. What can make me miss you more than looking at those locks, each sealed with a key thrown away. Where is our lock?

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    her hair fell over her shoulder, catching the sun and reflecting back diffuse auburnsparkles blah blah blah, that sounds like shit. what is even happening right now, how can it not be 60 seconds yet

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    warmth fire hot, take care of yourself. It is so cold in here, but not as cold as it is out there, with the bitter wind and the blinding snow. How will we live without this coal, without this oil? The heat we have now comes from the bones of a billion animals, millions of years in the making.

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    the radio blared from the other room, filling the air with the comfort of voices, speaking in the cadence of yesteryear, broken by the crackle of static you can’t replicate, it was a different world.

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    both of us, once again, standing here in the sun-drenched meadow, looking back at our lives, they way we have heart each other, been so selfish. but turn around! there is a future, there in the distance, just visible on the horizon. let’s run into tomorrow, together.

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    Both of us. It seems like yesterday was a million worlds away, and now I’m falling. I want to hold your hand forever, our life passing before us like the crushed grass under our feet. I can feel your hand growing frail as you age, but it isn’t cold and empty like I expected.

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    I woke up before the phone rang. The cold dry air of the thornveld stuck in my throat. I rushed to set out Bill’s pills and get away from my captor, to have those few minutes of relief and not have to worry about his gross blank stares and the crumbs of the last meal stuck to his face