• down by the shoreline the boy and the girl sat at the edge of the woods outside the cabin, warmth, the fire, and everything behind them. they got up to watch the sunrise, streaks over the water, looking on at the void itself. there are two boats propped up like paper cutouts against the sky. we have been running like this forever.

  • she tells me she’s never walked in the rain before today, felt the acid on her tongue or the acrid tears mixed with her own.

  • when you feel the water rise above your ankles, in sheer realization that venice is sinking, don’t panic. grab your gondola, and we’ll cannon down the canal, leaving in our wake hesitant ripples and fish wondering whatever was it that struck them.

  • the roar pierced the heavens above, sending eagles gliding away in terror. the foliage rustled, the trees shook, and all the once, nature parted to the claws of the t-rex.

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    she slammed the wooden ruler into the depths of the whiteboard, sending a reverberation of wood-against-board thunder across the incessant chattering of the students. they were not shaken, however, and hurling her ruler at the nearest boy, she stormed out, not returning because she wasn’t as forgiving as the last one.

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    my father dumped his bowler on the hook, her coat on a hanger and its leash in a soggy pile below them all

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    i am tipped over; mountains green and blue and sliding past me, beyond whatever i can grip. i thought they stuck but clearly not.

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    something about dragons, and princesses tied to limestone in the karst landscape of limestone caves in medieval Europe tickles me. something about fire-breathing monsters and blonde princes is the stuff of midnight reading under the blankets. illuminate the pages of my book with a torch. or a candle, if you fancy. words are a beautiful […]

  • don’t give me those snide remarks, tongues sharp like the broken bits of my porcelain bowls.
    don’t tell me “good job” or “excellent” or “keep it up you can do better next time”; encouragement doesn’t oil my rusty joints.

  • enclose my face in purple cellophane and deliver the milk though drips and glucose tubes that enter and enlarge my nostrils. not that my nostrils are small.

  • hold up the world upon your shoulders, atlas. does your back ache, from being bent over, since forever? do your shoulders ache, from carrying the weight of everyone; burdens, hopes, dreams, wishes on your shoulders?
    dear atlas, do you need some salonpas?

  • chinese children frolic across the concrete slabs, tangoing with the fire as these bulbs hang over them . it has been banned in he country – fire will cause the wood to burn. but they don’t care, and only play innocently with the flames of life and their youth; until a strong wind comes, wanting […]

  • picnics and sandwiches are very good. especially with salami and bologna and cheese and peppers and slices of lettuce and ham. sandwich a butthole between two very smart buttcheeks for greatest effect. sandwiches are snug places and good to warm yourself if you are every cold.

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    fly me off to the great heavens on kites as colourful as the homo flag and as great as a brilliant bird, held on by strings by kids on the ground. they choose how these birds fly. they choose where they go and if they end up in a tree or see
    another sunrise.

  • rainbow colored balloons light up the cute night sky at the theme park. children hold the balloons and circle the fat, jolly old man with a bulging belly and hairy chest who’s giving out balloons. he smiles and the smart children back away.

  • dress me in a flowery dress a beautiful day in the toilet paper. dressed from head to toe – flowers stuck on toilet paper clipped together with paper clips, bulldog clips and scotch tap.
    dressed in a dressy dress. dress you dress me dress up dress down.

  • Reflex is like reflect. My reflexes are so quick I jump at the sight of a toilet bowl an wink at the scent of a poop. i love them honey and combs. not honeycombs. reflexes are when you can dance to the music and chill to the shit in a second of each other.

  • Destiny is such a cliched word it is used in a lot of trashy fiction and as an excuse for everything that happens . but maybe its true. anyway, it is also, a girls’ name, as i would like to add, most commonly known as the name of destiny hope cyrus, also popularly known as […]

  • The sea is so deep it laps at my cold thighs and the brilliant seahorses dance atop my tight pulled spandex of my swimsuit it feels amazing. my feet cannot touch the bottom but only the cold seahorses on the seabed of my never ending love.