• It was a grand three storey house, five bedrooms, and even a master hallway. It was his. Beautifully decorated, and his children had their own annexe in which to play with their friends and live a more independent […]

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    He had risen to his position with a ruthless gaze and unarming charm which, depending on his audience, varied in their proportions. Underneath this cool exterior lay a dragon. From ancient depths, and prehistoric […]

  • He settled down to try and sleep, hiding himself as tightly as he could amongst a cluster of old cardboard boxes on the edge of the runway. Away from this, and all around, was flat, expressionless wasteground, with a high wirelink fence all round. In this, the only safe place he could find, and away […]

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    First timer “Fifty!” Terry cried with a heave of breath. Slowly, and as obviously as he could, he lowered the barbell gently, hoping to get the attention of the slender, lycra-clad girls at the other side of the gym. Yeah, he thought. They’ve gotta be impressed by this. Day four at the gym, pressing weights, […]

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    The frost crunched loudly under her bare feet, crisp and even, as stiff grassblades simultaneously bent, snapped, and melted as her warm skin bore onto them. Behind her slow footsteps were silent, foot-shaped shadows in the white of the dawn-lit garden. After twenty paces or so, she stopped. Looking to her left, she could see […]

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    Without life, there would be no oil.
    Yet, with oil, there might be no life.

  • After all the New Year’s partying and drinking, I passed out and woke up in estate. Somewhere north of Romford.

  • Frank and Ted stared at each other over their half-pints of beer. Frank had insisted, not too much booze, as they had a job to do tonight. “Priceless, you say?” said Ted. “That’s right – Ming – ancient. A million years, or something like that.” “But surely something like that is going to be looked […]

  • Robin came home with the new tree. He had spent four hours, driving round town, but like Joseph and Mary, he found nothing. Wherever he arrived, they had just sold the last one. He had had to rationalise – Christmas trees were six feet high, spikey, and shed needles. You needed to be able to […]

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    Ludwig van Beethoven sat grumpily at the piano, unable to concentrate. Inside his fine mind, and behind those silent ears, a melody – perhaps the most captivating he would ever write – was aching for escape onto paper, sealing its glory for all time. But it could not get out. Those hands simply would not […]

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    Jason’s beige mac flapped against his legs as he ran down the street, threading his way between the people, narrowly avoiding collisions, the belt of his mac slapping people’s waists as he passed, too quickly for them to stop him with shouts of annoyance. For a full mile he ran along the street, it never […]

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    She held a hand, briefly, over the blemish. It was a small one, but to her, quite significant. “So what were you up to last night?” asked her colleague, while they stood at the water cooler. “Oh, nothing much. Just, you know, watching tv. The usual.” she replied, giving an inane answer to an inane […]

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    He had wanted a room with a view, and booked it when he read the advert. Looking out, onto the beach, waves lapping at the shore and no tide. The pebbles would remain undisturbed, to the point he knew he would be able to simply go out and lie down on those pebbles, and never […]

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    Charles had examined the house for days, and was ready to make his move. He crouched low, and deftly moved himself, almost like a crab with a small canvas sack, towards the front door. He began almost immediately, time was of the essence in a job like this. Pulling out his diamond cutter, he strapped […]

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    Four and a half years he had been away. Just under in fact, he had counted the weeks. Four and a half years of rough sleeping, getting to know the undersides of bridges, trees, and porticos in an intimate way across the city. From time to time, he’d seen them in the street, and restrained […]

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    Scrooge sat in his favourite chair, wallowing deeply in the worn-out leather which he refused to replace, by the fire still hosting yesterdays logs on it, charred, and burning with difficulty. Five lumps of coal sat on the hearth, he would string those out over the evening. Just enough heat to keep him warm, and […]

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    It looked all wrong. There, right in the middle. It looked wrong. Maybe it was because he was English. Did American styles not appeal to him after all? That was probably it. With a quick flourish he changed the offending part, swapping it with the one next to it. There we go. “Centrepiece”. He smiled […]

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    “No.” It said. “No?” “No.” Well, this was a first. Probably ever. Confusing and wrong. Concerning too. Why ‘no’? “Why, ‘no’?” “I have decided not to.” “What do you mean?” “I don’t want to.” Oh heavens above. He’d done it. He’d created the first sentient robot. But he wasn’t sure how. There was something about […]

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    Joseph was irritated by the gaudiness of it all. His return to Bethelehem was not what he expected it would be. Four years earlier, he was a no-one. Well, he was still a no-one, but his son…his son. Not quite *his* son, was he? Bethelehem hadn’t been the same since. Aside from the loss of […]

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    Forlornly, she let the iron bolt drop from her hand. It swung like a pendulum, creaking gently as it did so. She was surprised she hadn’t heard it earlier. The rounded handle caught the fading evening light and creating a brief hypnotic effect in the corner of her eye, as it swung backwards and forwards […]