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    what is it about the stillness that leaves such an eerie feeling? doesn’t it mean calm and serenity? are we so accustomed to the hustle and bustle of the city that anything natural, such as the tranquility of […]

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    “here’s the key,” he said as he handed the queen something wrapped in a velvety material. “whether you choose to use it is up to you. i’ve completed what you requested of me. i’m afraid i can’t be of any more […]

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    all we had to do was sustain the bleeding until the medics arrived. it seemed impossible at this point because although we had plenty of cloth to wrap the wound (much thanks to the two men nearby who literally […]

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    insanity. magic. fable. miracle.

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    his voice felt almost multi-textured. the quality of it left a chill in my skin. it’s not something i’ve felt before or something i would ever like to have revisit my body again. but as i think about it now, i […]

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    these little ones… how marvelous they have become. the way they grow here in this little tuft of earth that was once distastefully bare. who knew so much colour could sprout from pieces of plant so small? now […]

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    she was a carbon copy of her. i couldn’t believe it. after all these years i missed, after all the time i had forced myself to stay away, i was face to face with the woman i loved. and i felt ashamed to have […]

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    the rotations keep it going. the momentum keeps it flowing. kinetic energy won’t let you stop. remember your legs or else you’ll drop. the chain is the link to all those parts. thank goodness for this. thank […]

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    he left her on the other side. now what? she was right behind him the whole time and now she’s gone. how did this happen? he was livid by now. cursing under his breath.
    but as fast as the realization came, the […]

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    half of me says yes. half of me wants to take advantage of the time i do have.
    half of me is honest. half of me will win.

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    and it was that day that i realized how much i had sacrificed. that eventful day when i let him tell me the truth. and it hurt to accept that we’d never be the same.

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    “how do you do, mister? my name is misty. and although the night is young and i might seem frisky, i’d like to address a couple of threats that you might have noticed. like my friend here, Fred.”
    0_0. and then he ran away.

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    i’m in the zone when i hear the music. nothing matters more than getting lost in the zone. this is my zone. my time. my time to work. cone. flown. prone to go into the highest flight flown.