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    Taking the job as an intern felt like walking backwards. I had worked my way up the corporate ladder. I put my time in. Years of proving myself to others and to me. How is it that I am starting all over. A 45 year old intern. I am surrounded by twenty something years olds. I feel more like a mother in the middle of a day care. What they…[Read more]

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    The work appeared elementary. Why could I not get my mind around the question. We all gathered around the table. Six associates, one problem. My mind was floating around other thoughts. I could not concentrate on the task at hand. My fellow associate nudged me with his hand. Rubbing my shoulder as if it hurt, I looked at him and said,” w…[Read more]

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    The reflection in the mirror was anything but glamour. Grabbing a scarf and tying around her neck. She thought the pink and blue stripes would add a bit of flair to her suit. It had been ten yers since her last job interview. Looking one more time in the mirror, a tear started rolling down her cheek. Grabbing a tissue from her counter top she…[Read more]

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    Three bags left on her door step. She almost tripped over them when she went outside to seee if she received her newspaper. She had no clue what could have been in those bags. Her mom and brother were staying with her. She wondered if they had ordered something. If so, why would they come I. Brown paper bags open for all to see.

    She took out…[Read more]

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    Bags under her eyes. A sign of a long night, lack of sleep and a concern for the call that made its way to her instead of her sister. She wondered as she looked at herself in the mirror. How could someone mistaken her for her sister. She never saw the resemblance, except for the bags. Maybe that was it. The bags told a story of them both, hard…[Read more]

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    The ringing in her ear had been constant. A reminder of the damage she had encountered for the past two decades. After seeing several doctors with all the same diagnosis, she was determined not to let it affect the work she had begun. Tap, tap, tap, click, click, click, every key seemed to make its own sound through her i

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    Please pass the hairspray. From across the room I could hear a swoosh. Really! She hollared as the can hit the wall and landed on the bed. “What is up with today?” The two sisters had been in a fights before but nothing like this. They were year a part almost to the day. Most of the time people thought they were twins. Neither of them tho…[Read more]

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    “Keep it simple.” The last three words she ever heard her mom speak. The flight back to her hometown felt as if she was flying internationally. The two hours felt like eight. She new there was no chance of jet lag. But she had some kind of lag. Her older brothers were useless. They were use to seeing her mom slowly decline. She on the other han…[Read more]

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    Tap, tap, tap, tap! The sound came from the backdrop of the set rehearsals have been going on for three weeks. This was the first time they all heard the tapping. Every night at nine Lisa would be placing the props back in their bins and every night since practice began she heard the noice. Her fellow thespians would tilt their heads and laugh…[Read more]

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    Ouch! The backdrop hit him on the head. He hand practiced the timing in rehearsal at least 6 maybe 7 times. Yet, there he stood with a bruise to prove he once again missed the marked. A battle wound to prove his point.

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    Stats matter, the low voice from the other room sounded like she was keeping a secret. His whole life he was taught differently. Be your own person, don’t care what others think. Put your passion above the voices of the crowd. Now he hears the conversation from his parent’s room and it’s a different story.

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    The rug cold and wet beneath her feet. She wondered what caused this. Stepping over rest of the rug, wanting to prevent anymore moister to go through her socks. There was no sign of a leak in the house or through the door. Had someone spilled on it. If so who? She lived alone. Had someone been inside her apartment? Could they still be there?…[Read more]

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    A square piece of plastic with two holes side by side. Holding it in his right hand observing it with his left. He thought to himself what could it be? It appeared to have plastic tape wrapped inside but nowhere for it to come in or out. More like a perpetual wheel, the plastic tape just wound around and around. Sitting in the attic, rifling…[Read more]

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    She lived to be in a musical. She danced her way into adulthood. Singing any chance, she had. Whether it was in the shower or the kitchen or even on the subway. When the day finally came for her to audition, it was as if she had won the lottery. She knew she was anything but a fantastic singer but what she lacked in skill she made up for in…[Read more]

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    The ornament dropped out of her hand. Fell to the ground with no time to try to catch it. Tripping over all the wrapping paper, an obstacle of some kind that caused her to lose her balance. This particuar ornament had been passed down from one family member to the next for the last three decades. Now, where does she go from here? A broken…[Read more]

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    Cutting corners seemed like a good idea. Until a letter arrived in her mailbox. Not the kind that she opened on her computer, no, the mailbox that she rarely found items since the arrival of the internet. In fact, her mailbox became a dusty old cave the held junk every now and then. She checked the tiny cave every Friday, more so out of habit.…[Read more]

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    How much silverware does one person need? She always thought that as a little girl but here she stood in her childhood home, back from the holidays. Her mother asked if she could set the table. The thought crossed her mind but this time after decades of thinking it, she said it out loud. “Mother, how much silverware does one person need?”…[Read more]

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    “Denied” stamped across her paper. “how could this be” ran through her head. She had entered this building several times over the last year. Denied, what was this all about. Was she reading this right?

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    Hghi five! A slap on the hand. A simple gesture. One from our childhood yet it brought great memories as our hands slept into one another as we stopped back/ It was like a time machine. As our fingers touched I was taken back to the summer of 1986.

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    His gesture made me feel like I was three again. Did he not see I was a grown woman. It had been over ten years since we had come face to face with one another. I believe he feared my mother’s wrath. Yet, I had not heard the story of why he left one day and never came back. If it had not been for social media and a sister I did not know I…[Read more]