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    It was just a balloon but they’d managed to reach the limits of the stratosphere. All it would take now is just one push of a button, the same button that they’d both been staring at for the entire journey up. […]

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    Allen just couldn’t keep track; so many lies to so many people and he’d only been at the party for 1 hour. How was he going to keep this up for the rest of the night? Had he told Tracy he was a fireman or a […]

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    He had passed her quite regularly for the past year and not once had it even crossed his mind to flirt with her. But today he suddenly found himself approaching her, and before he knew it he was sniffing her bum. […]

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    They danced and they sang until they were the only ones left in the litter strewn streets. They must have walked for miles before they finally found a place to cosy up to each other without the fear of prying eyes […]

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    “I can’t ride that!” he said “It’s just a pony, it’ll never make it across that desert, I’ll end up having to carry him most of the way”