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    saved by the bell was my gulty pleasure for five years when i lived with this girl named julie. i loved the episode where jessi was addicted to caffeine pills and she finally crashed right before the most important test of her high school career. They made it seem like caffeine and heroin were equally […]

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    off my friends all the time when i was an active alcoholic. now that im sober, i have found myself homless, and i don’t even want to ask my friends or family if i can stay with them for a few days, because i don’t want to sponge off of anyone anymore. it’s pitiful. they […]

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    the poor kettle knows that no one has ever respected him. he is the recipient of a myriad of jokes and unfair comparisons with that stupid racist pot that always calls him black.

  • to the times when you thought that you were in control. now imagine that the sea has opened up and swallowed you like a baby in the womb. the greatest thirty seconds of my life

  • for the life of me i can’t remember what happened to me that night. i can remember being belly up to the bar and ordering whiskey shot after whiskey shot, and then, after a certain time, nothing.my mind just went to sleep, although my body continued to do whatever it pleased. i came to on […]

  • i created 2 human beings. they are strangers to me now. when they knew me, i created in them fear when i was supposed to create in them a sense of security. i miss them like muses. i wish i could undo the creation of my life

  • the ;earth was created in an effort to confuse the gods. it appeared, for many billions of years. that creation was simple and prosaic, so it was decided that nothing would ever exist. one day, a god named helioprad made a man without a name. this man roamed the universe for millions of years trying […]

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    this isn’t where I belong. I can’t seem to fit in. i am holding my arm and seething with fear. when she told me she loved me i

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    your heart and hope to die,. stick a needle in your eye. or in your arm. and then you will feel like that man who met his demise on the cross.

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    The last time that I climbed a fence was when I was a senior in high school. That just happens to be about fifteen years ago.