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    He grabbed the smoothies out of the barista’s hand, handing one to the beautiful person in front of him. He held his own with two hands, insecure about the date he was on. He needed to stop the urge to grab his hands, that would be too soon.

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    It was boxing day, I was finally going to move out. Three years in this shithole, working everyday to afford something better. I lived above the cafe where I worked, because when I first came into town my boss offered it to me. Later I would figure out that he had other intentions and ever since I figured it out, I had been saving up to leave.

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    She looked at the others inside of the grey building, through the huge store window. She was supposed to walk inside, but she had no clue how to start a conversation with these people, at least not the kind of conversation they were looking for. Three months ago she got the email that fucked her life up once again, her mom finally decided she was…[Read more]

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    She always knew, people always told her. ”You’re almost enough. Almost, but never quite there.” She knew, but he also knew. He knew that she was, in fact, almost and too much and everything in between. She was perfect to him and he was almost able to tell her.