• She falls down, head in her hands.There’s a mad standing in front of her, eyes shining through the shadows cast. A leveled sword, aiming at her neck.
    She grins. A single glance up, a jerk to the side, and he crumbles down. The sword clatters.
    She stands.
    She is victorious.
    She is.

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    ‘How could you do this to me!’ He shrugged nonchalantly. ‘I loved you…I LOVE you.’ He seemed bored at her outrage. She felt the urge to try and slap some sense into him. So she did, firmly. All that happened was a smirk.

  • “What’s a tailgate?” He grinned at her and she realized she knew what his answer would be. “A tail at a gate of course.” Obviously. She rolled her eyes at him. “But can you just imagine that, if you open a gate a little tail shakes because it’s happy to see you.” “No.” She said flatly. “I can, and it’s adorable”

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    She glowed with happiness. He finally said it, he finally asked her. The whole day her face was illuminated with positive energy, her electricness going everywhere. She was invincible, she had someone who truly loved her.