• “checkmate!” he yelled as he finally defeated me in chess. My game had always been top notch, but I liked him, so I let him win anyways.

  • he bought a bagel from the bakery and ate it on his way to work, dreading the day ahead without her. he asked for chocolate chip but they gave him raisins. this was turning into the worst day possible.

  • your cruel words that night plagued my mind with self-doubt. I wanted to let go; to erase you from my life, but somehow I couldn’t. So I indulged in your love even deeper, until I couldn’t any more.

  • we were destined to be together, you and i.

    okay, okay, that’s cheesy and highly cliche. but is there any other way to put it? every moment with you, every touch, every word we speak to each other; it all feels like my life has lead up to it… i was destined for this. for you.

  • boots always make me think of winter. whether it’s trudging through the tall, freezing snow, or just lounging around the chilly house in slipper boots… I’m almost always wearing them when it’s cold out.

  • the bricks on the side of the old building were simply crawling with vines, giving it a run-down look. Only those who knew the town knew of the gorgeous mansion on the inside and the friendly people who lived there.