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    African fare for breakfast varies from the bland to the downright outrageous. Today in Liberia, it was definitely on the bland side and so I found myself munching on a few cucumber slices, and some bland, sad looking scrambled eggs before I opted for my tumbler of black coffee and journal outside, abandoning the quest for food altogether.

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    Ringing that’s all I could hear the night my world fell apart. A high-pitched, monotone whine drowning out the cacophony that preceded the fall. The dog barking protectively at my side, the roar of the crowd at Superbowl blaring though the surround sound speakers; it was all gone. Had I hit my head? My eyes stung and the world seemed to move in…[Read more]

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    She stood on the sidewalk unable to believe what just happened. The numbness of shock flowed over her body like a wave. She barely noticed when the rain started, or that people were rushing past to seek shelter – their fight or flight response evidently in tact. They still cared – whether their clothes or their bodies were wet, where they were…[Read more]

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    the plane rumbled as it sprang into life, charging down the runway lifting its massive bulk into the air. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and looked out the window and the blanket of foliage below. A green sea carved only by thin, undulating, tangles of red African roads below that continued, she knew, to the see. She barely noticed the…[Read more]

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    Pink and fat it sat there in the cold terrarium of the deli counter at giant. Smoked, Norwegian salmon. Her thoughts wandered to thoughts of icy Fjords, mountains, fur lined coats and viking ships. A wilderness and civilization born out of cold and struggle and a culture foreign and ancient. A smile played on her lips. “I’ll take 2 lbs. please”,…[Read more]

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    Blue? Indigo? the painter squinted, the colors blurring in front of his eyes. Looking at the palette of the sunset reflected in the slow, rippling movement of the Seine.

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    The rich, full strength of the bourbon hit her tongue and the taste of unnaturally sweet, red juice from the jar of Marichino cherries lingered on her lips long enough for him to taste as his mouth met hers. The taste of the Manhattan cocktail they had shared now punctuated the softness of her mouth. The sweetest, most intoxicating candy he could…[Read more]

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    She collected things. Things no one wanted. Incomplete decks of cards, buttons, matchbooks, seashells…hmm – she needed more of those. And barbie dolls. Oh she LOVED her barbie dolls. Her collection was pristine. Two hundred and seventy three boxes lined the walls of her apartment with perfect shelves made just for them. All unopened, staring at…[Read more]

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    The marble structure, appeared on the skyline – ancient and tall. From this distance it was impossible to see the superficial cracks in its foundation nor detect the black moldy film that had began to encroach at its base.

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    Sure. “Follow the instructions” she sobbed sitting on the floor of her once clean apartment. “Follow the bloody Instructions” – her tears were now blurring the ink, making that thin paper on which those INSTRUCTIONS were written translucent. Making the Japanese characters on the back visible through the just as incomprehensible English translation…[Read more]

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    One, more, step…she urged herself up, she had been willing herself to climb long after her legs felt as though they were no longer attached to her body, her thighs working independently from her hips, even though their weight still tugged at her torso, willing the rest of her body into submission, forcing her lungs to swallow more air. Air that…[Read more]

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    Sometimes I miss it. The thrill, the exploration – the games. The validation. The fucking VALIDATION of identifying and going after something you want. And catching it. And letting go.