• Gigi commented on the post, endless 3 years ago

    Oh the endless visits from my mother-in-law…how can I possibly stop them from happening? Partly this is my fault for allowing them to happen in the first place. If had just been mean and bitchy from day one, I could avoid her (and the whole family) from coming to visit every few months. They are such slobs and never clean up after themselves.

  • Gigi commented on the post, angels 3 years ago

    “For all the angels and saints, can you please stay still?”, the mother yelled to the child, who continued to move even after being yelled at.

    All the other adult customers in the store, turned to look at where the angered mother was.

  • Gigi commented on the post, peripheral 3 years ago

    In her peripheral vision, she could see that there was a black spot. She couldn’t quite make out if it was a shadow or a smudge on her side mirror. She couldn’t validate it through her rear view window so what could it be?

  • Gigi commented on the post, believe 3 years ago

    Believe in whatever you want. I don’t agree with you. I don’t think we should close off the borders to refugees or immigrants. After all, they built this country from scratch. You can continue to scare people into think you are a good leader but many people don’t believe a word you say.

  • Gigi commented on the post, believe 3 years ago

    “You have to believe. You have to know that you mean the world to me! How could you not know that?”
    “Well, partly because your actions and your words never match each other! Ever think about that?”
    He looked at her incredulously. He thought he was so obvious in his actions towards her. But apparently, she didn’t feel the same way.

  • Gigi commented on the post, reflecting 3 years ago

    Reflecting on the time I spent in “The City of Lights”, I remember the wonderful friends I made, the independence I gained, the fabulous food I ate and the love that grew between me and that incredible city.