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    slipping undetected past the security desk, I pulled the rope from my satchel and prepared myself for the long ascent into the unknown.

  • there it is, a giant needle piercing the sky. we took the elevator to the level below the ridiculous drop ride, screams crowding around above us. i leaned my body on the plate glass window and looked down on the strip below. that was when my friend told me about the shoddy building practices, the history of the owner. ok, move back, step away…[Read more]

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    the lullaby my mom used to sing me was james taylor — “winter spring summer or fall. all you have to do is call. and i’ll be there.” and i believed that. and i still kinda do.

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    i always wanted to hit the road in an old silver airstream trailer, carrying my life within those shiny walls, no one to answer to but myself, or maybe a canine companion. it’s an american dream, of sorts, i suppose. but now i like standing still.

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    My sister went to NYU in Manhattan, so as a young malcontent in Massachusetts I would hop on the Peter pan bus and spend a weekend on the island. It was my first taste of some sort of freedom, before I learned how to drive, before the shackles of responsibility came down on my head. I had a few hairy run-ins with unscrupulous taxi drivers, but…[Read more]