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    He brushed past me like wind. A houl piereced the air. Shiver ran down my spine. How could Deigo leave me all alone? He had said i was the new prey. Was I being feed to the wolf as gift to Gods!.
    ”Help please help!” I yelled and yelled still non came for my resque. My hands and leg were bound.
    ”I promise to never do the same mistake” How…[Read more]

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    What a beautiful pair of earring they were. I kept gawking at them lustfully. I looked down at the tag next to it and gasped $ 3,000/-. It was a huge sum. I surely could not afford them.

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    Dear Love,

    It is this date that we met. It has been a year. A year spent by me searching you trying to get in contact to you. Now when I have met you I have promised someone else a future with me. The same future which I dreamed with you. Though I have no roads turning towards you but still you are always there for me, as I am for you. We are…[Read more]

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    ”Alana!” her glossy silky skin passed an inescapable image through the synthetic shower curtain. Her soft musical voice hummed in the bathroom. She looked so tempting, her soft smooth curves translucent throught the curtain. Alana knew he was in the bathroom while she was naked on the other end giving him a flimsy look of her female curves.…[Read more]

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    ”you are just being illogical” I sighed ”don’t show me that anger of your’s. You have already done worst with your anger”

    ”you think she didn’t deserve it” he planted his hand on his hip.

    ”i think you could have done better than ruining my plan” she swiped her hand over the table causing the paper wait along with the paper’s landing…[Read more]

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    I thought I had figured it all but he made it clear now. It was i who was disfugured. I ruined him. Me Mrs. Belene Worth ruined my own husband out of my misunderstanding. Out of the entire commotion that had taken three years before I figured that Ruse, my husband had cheated on me. He had an affair with the one women I hated the most. Today when…[Read more]

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    My vocal cord was so damagged, I never knew. Dr. Simson looked at me once again and sighed ”I told you. You need rest!”
    I shrugged ”Doc. i’ll see to it she rest this time” my mom spoke up for me.
    ”It better be so. She has already caused a lot of damage by singing” Dr. Sinson turned towards me ”listen young lady, i understand your passion…[Read more]

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    Papa was standing there as usual with his basket empty. We kids were hoping for food tonight at least but watching papa’s basket empty made me realised that we would be sleeping today emtpy stomach like the other nights. Wish our days would change wish mother water would bless papa and us with more fishes. Papa would sell fishes in abundance and…[Read more]