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    That which the most fascinating, that which we see out of the corner of our eye, that which is fleeting, transient, hinted at, barely sensed, that which is easily overlooked, that which takes an effort to perceive, that which is uncommonly known or understood. Those who position themselves on the periphery see and understand in another way, have…[Read more]

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    in the black water of the Queensmere, studded with golden leaves, fringed by weary city shrubs and grasses, guarded on three sides by old, old trees, in that black water was reflected not just today, but so many days, in the first, perhaps, is the image of a girl in a tight overcoat, slipping on the muddy banks, wielding her nine penny net,…[Read more]

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    received, the message is getting through, has become clear, so many signs and hints were missed but now I know, the way is clear, all is easier, even waiting, it is all unfolding as it should, a great inner peace, a quiet smile, message received, ever and always and above all, Thank You

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    can your time line loop and return can I fold the ribbon of my life in a bow and revisit the places of connection, the places that bind the places where beauty emerged

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    Friday night trouble bound start under the eaves of the National and wheel free wheel swing round Hyde Park Corner slake the city dust with welcome Guinness in a Fleet Street hostelry haunted by ghosts of hacks […]

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    yes lets do that, I’m good at that, shapeshift, raze and rise again, move country, purge all past associations and begin again, make the world anew, shaking the dust and water drops from wings right now, […]

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    there is a suge of people in the place d’odeon, I see everything in black and white today, but with leica precision, who are these people, les profs de sport against what?, for what?, I like it anyway, it feels alive

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    I’m going to the port , not forever , but for a fun and transformative and happy period of change and growth, its different, its a new way of life, full of possibilities, I waited for the equinoctial point to pass and now the lights are green

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    never have an average day anymore as it goes, all seems momentous or special or do or die or contains moments of heart-melting emotion never to be forgotten, but so it should be for precious gift of a day

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    Lisa had a little pink ashtray shaped like a sardine can with the metal lid rolled back on the key, but painted baby pink. It’s so smoking is less ugly, she said. She also said that the best thing she ever did to stop spending money the way that landed her $30,000 in debt without […]

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    that’s what I’m about today, rallying. Not careering round tight corners, other than in a metaphorical sense, but picking up a dream, despite all the nay-saying difficulties, and running with it. Why don’t you? G’wan!

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    I followed my mother’s trade said Auntie Diane, in a phrase that betrayed her age where her startlingly youthful appearance did not. So proud of their City and Guilds, and rightly so. She was an embroiderer. I saw in my mind skeins in rich, Edwardian tones, mustard yellow, petrol blue and olive, soft silk sheen […]

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    we didn’t usually hover to the Isle of Wight, we went on the ‘cat’ that was hardly an appropriate sea going animal. The hover craft was like a big frilled squid, flapping and vibrating its way up on to the sand

  • on a high lawn in Thames Ditton on the way to my Cinderella fire-laying, cleaning job in the Red Lion pub , early on a misty October morning there were two English Setters looking out on the road and at me bicycling past, with flecked silky coats and up pointed noses, so very British, of […]

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    bar hopping on Halsted on a wet November night we fund six hundred dollars in a roll in the gutter, split up some between us to pay a few bills, put a lump in a back pocket for an AIDS charity, closed Little Jim’s again, felt like we’d found the family we always wanted, some […]

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    a hawkmoth flew in the bathroom window and dove in the deep end of the bath and I flew out, of the bath that is, not the window, although that would have been understandable, t’was a monster!

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    echoing in my head is the Frank song: who says an ant – can’t ( love the rhyme)- move a rubber tree plant…… I miss the States where everything was possible. But I lived there fifteen years ago and maybe it’s not true anymore. if America has lost it’s high hopes we must play the […]

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    I’m not crying I just got the crushed chili pepper dust in my eye again

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    he was working that day diving for sponges off the north African coast and I languished in a mountainside factory on Crete, wrapping cucumbers ( agourias, the green animals ), at twelve o’clock I was suddenly overwhelmed by griping pains, a shortage of breath and vomited outside in the blinding sunlight. At precisely the same […]

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    everything is mist right now, no path is clear, all is ambiguous, there is nothing and no one in life to trust or understand and no option but to surrender to being in the fog