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    I walked past the same corner that I first saw getting off the plane. IT looked abandoned and sad, even the flimsy scaffolding was drooping with the weight of rain water and orange leaves. This time, I noticed something that my eyes had skimmed before: a lump. Not just any lump but a person sized […]

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    The trees weren’t flowing in the wind. Trees here din’t do that. Evergreens were boring. They were all green. They all looked the same. They all even smelled the same. Still, Gemini liked it here. It was peaceful. Serene.

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    The kettle whistled. Vera hadn’t realized that she had been watching it all this time. She was supposed to be picking out a tea bag and a mug. It seemed like the simplest of tasks were proving to be impossible since… that day. She sank to the ground, her back to the cupboards and closed […]

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    He was so brave. Gemini was not very familiar with this feelin but it bubbled in her throat in the most weird way. In fact, she didn’t like it at all. Still, he head was pounding, her stoumach swirling and over all it felt awful.
    It was great too though. It was love.

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    The wand was held by a avery mysterious looking girl. She had long curly hair and bangs so severe that one of her eyes was being covered up. She was wearing long black robes with a red and gold emblem on the front.

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    The hawk flew above and Vera heard it’s call. Most animals were pretty rare in this very urban area and he was tempted to show it to his friends. In the end, he just walked by, keeping the beauty for her own enjoyment.

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    “What are you talking about?” Gemini remarked. Just a few minutes ago she was taking her notes and thinking that today was going to be an average day when the intercom in her science class beeped. “Please send Gemini Esperanze to the principal’s office. Repeat. Please send Gemini Esperanze to the principal’s office.” She reluctantly […]

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    The science class was Vera’s favorite of the day. She had to admite, the teacher was a little crazy but science had intrigued her since she was a child and she hoped that when she became a Logineer, it was in the field of science. Today, they were told to wear long sleeves and covered-toe […]

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    Democritus dealt the cards to the students and explained his rules. After most of the pupils were nodding in understanding, he stood back up and cued the slides to change. With each slide came another signal for the cards to be passed around and in the end, just like he had predicted, the cards were […]

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    He pulled on the suit but it felt awkward. Proms had never been that appealling but Gemini seemed so excited about it and he didn’t want to dissapoint her. With a final adjustment of his corsage, he walked out his door.
    “Hey there beautiful.” Arsen said, watching Gemini descend the fancy staircase.

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    The girls spine was curved, and she knew it. Bending over in front of her mirror, she lightly stroked the curvature and winced at the soreness that she felt. Since a brace was prescripted to her, she felt extreme discomfort and hated wearing it.