• Evan Gelder commented on the post, root 8 years, 6 months ago

    root. like the roots of a tree. we are all kind of lke trees in a sense. the biggest question is which are more important: roots or branches. I say fuck roots. build up. like carraway said of gatsby, it may be founded on the hard rock or the wet marshes, but after a certain […]

  • Evan Gelder commented on the post, beloved 8 years, 7 months ago

    beloved. thats what they said about her in the eulogy. now that i think about the eulogy, i dont even know why i went to the funeral. I hated that bitch. “she was beloved by all who we fortunate enough to have her touch their lives.” yeah, bullshit. the problem is; i know who she […]

  • Evan Gelder commented on the post, solved 9 years ago

    solved. just like that: like a fancy jigsaw puzzle. you know, people think that those things are differcult, those jugsaw puzzles. but wouldnt it be great if life turned out like one? sure its frustrating, but after a while, you ALWAYS solve it. No, Life is too complex for that.

  • Evan Gelder commented on the post, recipes 9 years ago

    recipes. my mother always used to keep a little chest full of them on that disgusting looking green tile kitchen counter. i came up with a few myself. mostly desserts. typical i guess. but my best by far was the recipe that has been attempted throughout history. attempted, but never finished. But i figured it […]

  • Evan Gelder commented on the post, drain 9 years ago

    Flush. Down the drain. It blocked out the TV momentarily. The FBI agent on the screen went on. “We urge you all to–” Flush. Down the drain. “He is extremely –” Flush. then he laughed as he dropped another bloody finger into the toilet. Flush. Down the drain.

  • Evan Gelder commented on the post, amazed 9 years, 1 month ago

    i simply could not believe my eyes. or my ears. or my hands as she let go of them. I was amazed really. i guess you could say i was in shock. “i wish i could believe you” “i never thought id have to do this” The truth is, its over, and im absolutely amazed […]