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    I wish I knew enough about Venice to write about it. It sounds like a lovely place to visit. Anyone want to fund a trip to Italy? I could use the time away from America and it’s awful government…possibly all of my time. Forever.

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    Exploring new places wasn’t high on his list of fun things to do. There was no map and no one to guide him. There were bugs he’d never seen before in his life and the terrain was litter with mudholes, including one that ate one half of his new pair of boots.

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    There was be no changing her mind once she made it up. It may be suicide, but Piper was steadfast in her decision to avenge her grandfather’s death. She had been the moment she saw the blaster shot hit him in the chest.

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    I may have grown up on he opposite end of the country, but I always felt out of place there. Here I feel like I really belong. Like I’ve been a New Jersey native my whole life.

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    It’s a beautiful thing when you see someone smile for the first time. Not because they heard something funny, not because their being polite, but really smiling. Joy beaming from within.

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    Stepping over an invisible, intangible line seemed so ridiculous now that she had done it. Why was it that something she couldn’t even see was the key to her freedom. All of that work, risking her life to cross over to a new section on a map that was drawn ages ago from some old man’s imagination. What a load of crap

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    Forever. Who would want to live that long? Enough bad happens in the span of a normal lifetime, I can’t imagine having to witness death and destruction and feel loss eternally.

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    The sound was faint. So faint I couldn’t be sure if it were real or just my ears playing tricks on me again. The house made all sorts of noises once the sun set, both real and imagined. It would be nice to have a visitor so long as they weren’t here to kill me.

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    Each time he told the story, something would inevitably change. I never tried to correct him for the simple fact that I didn’t know if he was adding details to show off or because he was compensating for details his mind lost as the years passed.

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    They were something that I was not particularly fond of, yet there I was, sitting in the orchestra section alone. I don’t know what sort of feeling I was looking to recapture. He was gone and going to a play wasn’t going to bring him back.

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    He would be gone before I knew it. There was something a little too charming, a little to perfect about him. I knew better than to think that he would stay. A man like that needs to keep moving. Keep meeting new people. I knew men like him.

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    The knock nearly scared me out of my skin. It was 2:30 in the morning and I wasn’t expecting anyone. I wasn’t even expecting to still be awake. My first thought was to ignore it and hope that whoever it was would go away, but it occurred to me that someone who would dare to knock at this hour was either in trouble or had every intention of getting…[Read more]

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    Sometimes I forget how to. I really should carry a notebook on me at all times, just in case of a situation just like this where my tongue decides it doesn’t know how to work anymore.

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    I woke up and as I rolled over to see his sleeping face I remembered I was angry. No…furious. I smacked him with a pillow and he shot up in bed. He was confused and groggy as I yelled at him for being able to sleep so soundly knowing that I was mad at him. He had no idea what I was talking about. It was then that I realized the reason for my…[Read more]

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    Time always seemed to speed up when I was there. I would blink and then it would be time to leave. There should be some scientific law to explain it. If I was better at that sort of thing I would come up with a theory of time rapidation when visiting home. I don’t think rapidation is a word, but when you’re a scientist testing these sort of things…[Read more]

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    It was never easy for Cara to make a decision. Her brother Mike would always joke and tell her to make a decision as if her life depended on it. Cara never thought that he meant that she would literally need to make a life or death decision, but there she was, left to choose between her two children.

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    There were lines of paw prints pointing in a million different directions. Each one showing a glimpse of the wood that lay beneath the fluffy grey blanket of dust on the floor. The broom was downstairs. It could wait another day.

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    They were both so stubborn that neither would admit just how much they needed the other.

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    It just climbed up and up with no end in sight and my legs were starting to buckle. I didn’t know how or if I would every make it to the top. I just knew that for her sake, I had to try.

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    The warmth of her hand sent goosebumps up his arm despite the fact that he was the one who was ice cold. The feeling was electric and foreign after having been deprived of human touch all of those years. […]