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    he sits on the window still and kicks mindly in the air with his foot, staring at the gray clouds over the all-boys school. he can almost see the london carriages from here, yet it seems all too generic.

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    he finds he is incapable to fight, not even now when the weight of his kingdom lies on his shoulders, he is unwilling and he will not, never for the life of him, pierce the heart of a dragon, any dragon, much less this one, and he drops the spear. it falls for a very. very long time.

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    It occurs to him, on a night that he’s spent squinting at his computer screen, that if they are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, then the Apocalypse has already started. (*He doesn’t know if it’s a cult to them or it.)

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    if anyone could ever come close to looking as angels did, it was abel – hardened from work, but still soft in a sense that cain didn’t quite understand. he was truly, incomprehensibly gentle, and for all cain was a simple man, even he knew gentleness was a rare thing amongst mortal men.